That is the legal rental,The support is indeed a little.,Twenty people have to say it is really a lot.,And you praised the strength of twelve people,Maybe because this is a long history.。

Wine Yi Yuxi called Huashan Ya Mei called,Fu Ying Xue came to the hospital and cryked to cry.,She is not a micro-face management,Is really worried and distressed,Because after listening to things, she already understood that this is a rude bitter meter.。 I have left a few special protection for a long time.,Fu Yingxue stayed in Read More

The voice has not fallen,Li Ming’s eyes are black。

Li Ming felt that his body and soul were completely separated,Even his soul‘under’I can see the ninety thousand kilometers tall divine body。 “My soul,Ripped out from the body!‘Ancient civilization’Sure enough, his ability is beyond imagination!” Li Ming exclaimed,From the immortal stage to the master stage of the universe,Soul and turn into imprints into every divine Read More

Obviously someone is cleaning every day.。

“I first gave you a high ocean.,Indeed。Destroy your life,It’s also dismantled you with Tang Yu.。This is the leader,So you have always hated me.?” Duan Yao light strokes the tombstone:“Life in the world,There are many things that are not selfless,Unable to choose,You are like this,Me, too,Father is also like this。 Paragraph filial piety,He is inevitable,Just, you Read More

Secretary Lu listened,I was so angry that I walked two steps back and forth:“Alright, Mayor Xia,I can’t control you。Mayor Chen got angry,I want you to come back and call him immediately“

“Have the skills to send to Mayor Qin,What kind of evil fire at us“Xia Jian left such a sentence,And returned to his office angrily。 Secretary Lu looked at Xia Jianyuan’s back,Chong Tong Jie said:“He is so arrogant,Dare to speak of his leader like this,He will suffer a lot like this“ “Not so much!Big deal not Read More

“I have never seen a master like you。”Li Tianchou shook his head,“My idea is simple,Catch Chen Bin,Unearth Sun Guaizi,It’s better to give them all。”

“My grass,You are Hao Dapeng when you are a kidnapper?You say it all,There is a limit to bragging。”Peng Weihua rolled his eyes,I lighted a cigarette calmly。 Li Tianchou ignored the master’s contemptuous expression,“I’m not bragging,Just show determination,Otherwise I won’t come back。” See what the apprentice said seriously,Peng Weihua put away that joking face,“Determined,Things are difficult。Talk Read More

The surface of the body is burning with a raging flame,Vicious dark flames can not only burn opponents,At the same time, the howling demon that makes itself painful at any time。

Creatures that can kill each other in the corridor,Are all abyss monsters that have reached the god level,Countless monsters fight each other,Blood flowing with dark breath。Monsters are killed almost every moment,Godhead falls,The body also fell on the corridor,And then quickly absorbed by the pyramid。 And at the bottom of the pyramid,Hidden a huge behemoth。 The Read More

Watching this one comeOLGlasses girl,Look at Rosemary again,Chen Geng couldn’t help but explode:“Fucking!Your efficiency is too high。”

Does Chen Geng have that idea?? According to the heart,Yes indeed,Anyway, he’s a young man in his early twenties,It’s when the energy is most vigorous,Do you say yes?Put it on normal people——Even the eunuch has ideas,I just have ideas but not the ability。 But it’s one thing to have ideas,Do you want to implement this Read More

At present, the Li family only provides a photo of Xiang Chen,And as long as you kill the target within a month,There won’t be any revenge to find myself,No other information。

It’s a month on the bright side,But the actual time left for the killers to manipulate is very little,There is not enough time to observe,Coupled with the scarcity of information,This directly affects the smoothness of the task。 But judging from the experience of previous failures,Long-range sniping is the first to fail;The killers who became doctors Read More


First364chapter The hard days are finally over Chen Geng underestimated this timeAMCOf workers face financial pressures and their financial situation。 He was also worried that workers would not be diverted to his own scrap car dismantling company、Aircraft Dismantling Company、Auto repair companies and other industries to work,But the fact is that he was worried for nothing,After Read More