there is a problem!

“Doctor Fang……You too!This patient has an accident……I think you will be better here!” Doctor Qiu said seriously Fang Yu looks at the patient,Doesn’t look like a big problem。 but,Most likely internal injury! At this moment。 The patient’s mother is here,“My son just got skin trauma,No need for treatment!Is your hospital ruining money?……” “son,You stand up Read More

“Unfortunately,We haven’t reached the top,I’m going to pass my golden age,And the possibility of us being on the first team is slim……”

“do not talk,Big brother,Master Hua is getting in the car!” “Ok,Ok……”Lirenjian put away the complaint,Actually he doesn’t do anything else,Just because it’s empty“Huaxi Team”Good salary,But I can’t play an important game and worry…… As for Hua Wuxiang’s eyes,What he hired heavily can be summed up in two words——Beater,What he needs is their ability,But not responsible Read More

“Don’t mess around here,I’ll go home to get some clothes,Go back tomorrow morning,Easy to talk in the city“Julan said in an almost begging tone。Because she knows,Once Wang Youcai initiates a mess,,I’m really not afraid of it。

Wang Youcai snorted coldly:“There is no human hair in this ghost place,Who is there“Wang Youcai said,Pounced again。Julan is taking clothes out of the cabinet,I didn’t expect this king to have wealth and courage,She didn’t listen to anything she said。 Wang Youcai who pounced on was like a hungry wolf,Suddenly hugged Julan from behind。It’s hard for Read More

Xia Jian just recovered,So which rose is he still holding in his left hand。It’s all because of Wang Lin,He wanted to give it to Wang Lin,But as soon as I got in the car, I forgot everything。

Xia Jian raised the roses,Smiling:“For you” “Don’t,You bought it for someone else but didn’t give it away,Either I picked it up on the road,How can you buy me roses”Wang Lin pretended to be angry and pushed Xia Jian’s hand away。 Xia Jian Patience,Gently pulled Wang Lin’s hand over:“Really bought it for you,Can you find this Read More

Jiang Wan’er murmured,Dare not look at Fang Yu。

Fang Yu smelled burnt all at once,Shook his head。 After washing,Fang Yu threw the bowl of porridge directly into the trash can。 “You must be watching the porridge……Forgot to look at the fire!”Fang Yu said calmly。 “Humph……How can you find out before you eat?” Jiang Wan’er said depressed。 Fang Yu,It really doesn’t give face! “Do Read More

“To understanding!”

Fang Yu knows,Watch Li Yan leave。 After Li Yan left,Fang Yuzheng wants to go back,Guo Xueli came over。 “original,You have a new love?I have to blame!” “Miss Guo,you misunderstood……” Fang Yu shook his head。 That’s Assistant Li,Don’t you know Guo Xueli?? “I know……I will stay away from you in the future!” Finished,Guo Xueli is gone。 Read More

“Originally thinking about getting to the finals,Have a duel with Shunzi like yours,Unexpectedly, there is a player who has long been overcast where we entered the circle……”Cao Anna also reluctantly walked out of the game cabin,And asked:“correct,How did the matchup between you two fools result??”

Lu Yi has no expression,Guo Yinzhe smiled but said nothing。 “No way?No way?You won’t really win Lu Yi?”Cao Anna really didn’t expect Guo Yinzhe to have such leaps and bounds。 “Wow?what happened?What are you talking about?The duel between Master Lu and Boss Guo was actually won by Boss Guo?”Zhao Ping who came in with the Read More

See Wright’s face,Koland and Charlie·Sistan glanced at each other,Seems to think they wanted something wrong before。Asked bluntly by Koland:“Wright,You come here this time,It has nothing to do with that old guy from the Palmer family, right?!”

“clam?” ———— Chapter two communicate with Look at the eyes of the two,Wright suddenly remembered some information he had read。Although some of the current capabilities of the Principality of Neham,The information collected can’t be discussed in detail。But only through some details,Add in Koland and Charlie·Sistan’s face,Wright also guessed。 “Rest assured,I have nothing to do with Read More

After all, this matter is troublesome,Secondly, who knows that they will be targeted??

“Please do not worry,Within the entire Qingshi Township,If anyone dares to think about you,You just have to shout that someone will retaliate maliciously,Everyone in Qingshi Town will help you。” I will also explain to my employees,I’m really sorry this time。 Qin Feng said cleanly,He naturally knows what these people are worried about,So he also gave Read More

I had to break my teeth and swallow in my stomach。

“Nothing。” Everyone see this,More lively。 Talk a lot,It’s all accusing the warmth,The three of them occupy the school forum almost every day.。 Unconsciously,Warm and Nuan actually has a lot of true fans。When what happened at noon today was revealed online。Although there are still many people scolding warm and warm,But some people defend her。 “Oh my Read More