Deputy Director of the Executive Board of the Deyang Intermediate People’s Court, Executive Trial Review and Supervision

  Deyang Intermediate People’s Court Trial Committee, Deputy Director of the Executive Board, Executive Council, Judgment Gao Zhengzheng is suspected of violations of law and discipline The Deyang City Supervision Committee designated jurisdiction, and the Luojiang District Supervision Committee of Deyang City is monitoring it. Gao Zong resume is high, male, Han nationality, September 1966, Sichuan Read More

Clear Shield Identity Security Gateway U

After the information of the letter of identity safety gateway (U-IAM), the payment shield continued to increase the investment, and it won the advice of the ecological adaptation. Progress. Identity Safety Gateway (U-IAM) adds the Kuntai Kuntair series and Kuntaia series servers, Baode self-improvement server, Dream Database Management System V8 (DM8), Based on Kunpeng920, Huawei Read More

The first three quarters of this year, Nanning cpi rose 1.1% year-on-year, and the price is stable.

Yesterday, the latest survey data of the Nangan Survey Team of the National Bureau of Statistics showed that the total level of consumption in Nanning in January to September 2021, the total level of consumption price increased year-on-year, the price is overall, and there is rising. Among them, food prices have fallen%, non-food prices rose%; Read More

Shunyi Airport Street Property Management Anniversary

In order to effectively implement the "Beijing Municipal Property Management Regulations", improve the level of property management services, the airport street has always adhered to people-oriented, settled, extensive publicity, implementation of the rights, and vigorously promoting the party building lead, enhance the "three rate" work results of the property Enhance the happiness and satisfaction of Read More

Tongren Shizao: "Targeted" Supervisory Major Project Construction

"Which stage of the project is" "Is there any difficulty in procedures" "" Project construction is based on the construction, standard construction "… Recently, the relevant supervision and inspection team of the Tongren City Shi County Commission Supervision Committee invested in the county Xianren Street cableway project Construction site first-line, understand the construction of the Read More

there is a problem!

“Doctor Fang……You too!This patient has an accident……I think you will be better here!” Doctor Qiu said seriously Fang Yu looks at the patient,Doesn’t look like a big problem。 but,Most likely internal injury! At this moment。 The patient’s mother is here,“My son just got skin trauma,No need for treatment!Is your hospital ruining money?……” “son,You stand up Read More

“Unfortunately,We haven’t reached the top,I’m going to pass my golden age,And the possibility of us being on the first team is slim……”

“do not talk,Big brother,Master Hua is getting in the car!” “Ok,Ok……”Lirenjian put away the complaint,Actually he doesn’t do anything else,Just because it’s empty“Huaxi Team”Good salary,But I can’t play an important game and worry…… As for Hua Wuxiang’s eyes,What he hired heavily can be summed up in two words——Beater,What he needs is their ability,But not responsible Read More