Several practitioners with advanced cultivation,Repeated searches and inspections for four weeks,After confirming that there is no danger or abnormality,The old man in white shirt only received three fire orb magic weapons,Another old man took the space cage,Two companions led by Li Hao cautiously approached the dark scorched object。

By the bush,That thing is pillow size,No energy fluctuations around,There is no pungent burnt smell,Can’t see the famous,About to approach again,The three were drunk by the old man Dong,There was a banging sound behind me,It turns out that Gu Changfeng has already directed the puppet over。 With puppets, people don’t need to take risks,I saw Read More

A long time in the past,The Li family did not allow Li Yunzi to station her army near the Zulong city state,Naturally, there is no saying that Li Yunzi relies on the army to rule the entire Zulong city state.。

But now,Li Yunzi regains the wasteland,Invaded Lampang,I also heard that the secret of Qiantang city-state in the southeast was attributed to Li Yunzi,There is no neighboring city in Zulong City“Occupied”! Lai Yunzi could not disintegrate the entire Zulong city state from within,From outside to inside,Trapped the entire Zulong city state to death。 Not long,Chief Female Read More

“Then we plate it can lead counterfeiting?”

“It’s a bad ink now.,As long as ink is printed counterfeit money arrives we try!”青木 武重, “Now a group of Indian,I Useful!” “Now a group of Indian?But a key difference between the ink ah!And these prints have a lot of shortcomings,General Oshima shirt authorities should also not agree。” “It’s something I’ll General Oshima and say,Ji Read More

“He should be here for you and me。”Zhang Zhiqiang stops,Look up into the distance,“I’m weird,The clones you stay with are different,What’s so powerful about this one??”

“Don’t hide,This one is the same as the old man,Retains all the memory and will of the body。”Life and death,The old demon is not good enough to hide。 “I really don’t understand you,How many hands did you keep?” “At that time, Liuyun was in a hurry,I have to prepare more,But except for the old man,There Read More

Secretary Wang touched his thin hair and asked:“Go to work?Who let you go?“

Seeing Secretary Wang’s surprised expression,Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“how?The superior did not notify you?Why don’t you call to confirm?“Ouyang Hong finished,Turned and walked towards his office。 Deputy Mayor Zhao and several colleagues heard Ouyang Hong’s voice,Ran out of their respective offices,Everyone greeted her warmly。Deputy Mayor Zhao deliberately raised his voice and shouted:“Mayor Ouyang,You are Read More

Its neck swings back,Then slammed into the door of Tyrannosaurus Lei,Beat Leicang Tyrannosaurus with blood all over the face。

I licked the blood on the crocodile face with my big tongue,Thunder Tyrannosaurus once again stuck this blue Tyrannosaurus,With Gu Long’s arrogant flesh,Directly carry out a force-based fight!! “Crazy Dragon,What a crazy dragon!”The middle-aged dragon shepherd cursed。 There are not many people left on the bronze battlefield,Just clean up those who fish in troubled waters,Let’s Read More

With the beating of the heart,The pulse is also beating normally,The temperature of life,Let the girl finally confirm a fact——

This is definitely not a dream。 “Not just alive,seem,Reborn。” Familiar classroom,blackboard,wall clock,And beside the blackboard it says“There is still116day”Small wooden sign,Make sure the warmth,I was born again,And rebirth to the year of eighteen。 “Warm,I woke up very early today,Didn’t you sleep??” Warm and warm again,I turned my head and saw a sweet-looking girl。 This girl Read More

The girl is not afraid,Met his eyes directly。

Wen Guohao heard this,Furious,Does this mean that I am dead?Angry:“You unfilial daughter!Can’t let your mother be hospitalized,You dare to talk back to me!” Although Wen Guohao was bullied by Yu Shan on weekdays,,But it doesn’t mean that your daughter can’t be bullied,Thought of here,No scruples at all,I want to play warmth when I raise my Read More

“Lord Dragon King,I am here for the time being to honor Lord Dragon King,some things,This seat is not denying,That is my mistake,But presumably Lord Dragon King also knows,This high position will inevitably make some mistakes!You say yes?”

Xia Chenglong smiled suddenly at this time,Laugh happily,Also presumptuous,It’s as if I heard the funniest joke in the world,Laughing wildly。 “Hahahahaha,You really want to laugh at me,I don’t know where you got these fallacies,But I can tell you,What you did to my soldiers in Dahua,I will keep this seat next,Use it on you!” Xia Chenglong Read More

Although Lu Xin is annoying,But still very cute,But she is not her own food;That Lu Yao,Don’t talk about ladies,Even Xiaojiabiyu has no temperament。

private Having a daughter is private Give birth,No tutor at all,Such a woman,Introduced to myself,What do you take him Huo Yunhe? “I forgot about that,In short,I’m not with your sister,Not before,Not in the future,My girlfriend is gentle and virtuous,Very sensible,Will be your sister-in-law,Stop saying this kind of misunderstanding,Understand?” Huo Yunhe’s eyes suddenly became sharp,Lu Xin Read More