What makes mistakes on a treadmill?

What makes mistakes on a treadmill? The time, intensity, and method of exercise on the treadmill depends on the purpose of the exercise. When running, the body supplies energy from sugar to aunt to protein. Jogging for more than half an hour consumes energy, and more than an hour consumes protein.   Unaffected by the weather Read More

Three best blood supplements

Three best blood supplements When you are in the cold season, you need to pay attention to the situation of qi and blood, and know how to replenish blood. If the blood is weak, it will affect the health of the body. Therefore, at such a time, special attention needs to be paid to the Read More

Fried Rice with Shrimps

Fried Rice with Shrimps Thanksgiving holiday my son has a week off. As soon as my son is on vacation, I worry, because I have to prepare lunch again. He usually eats lunch at school. Her husband takes lunch at noon. The daughter likes to eat noodles and eats less. It ‘s more fun. Well, Read More

Yoga meditation breathing

Yoga meditation breathing Respiration is an axis that connects physiology and psychology, and is a window for understanding physiological and psychological conditions. Normal breathing is the foundation of a person’s physical health and the soul of yoga practice. Modern people make the right changes, and the rules of healthy life are getting farther and farther, Read More

Walking to work is not prone to cardiovascular disease

Walking to work is not prone to cardiovascular disease . Cardiovascular diseases such as angina pectoris and myocardial infarction are major diseases related to the safety of human life. To prevent cardiovascular diseases, exercise prevention methods are essential. Recently, a British study found that people walking to work suffer from hypertension, diabetes, obesity and other Read More

Women have a high percentage of often anxiety

Women have a high percentage of “often anxiety” 16. 4% of women are “often anxious” This survey shows that 16. 4% of women “often have anxiety”, 72. 1% of women consider themselves “occasional anxiety.”   From the perspective of age group, the proportion of women surveyed in “30-50 years old” is “most often anxious”, one in Read More

Psychological cues that make you happy

Psychological cues that make you happy 1. Speaking of one of the “introspection methods” in the research of psychosocial psychology is to let people calmly observe the depths of their hearts and then tell the truth of the observations. This can release tension and make people feel more relaxed. 2. Take failure as the last Read More