Later accidentally,Found that Wu Xiaolan and Xu Fenxue have a very good relationship,On several occasions, Xiao Hua also called Wu Xiaolan directly to carry out the work.、Learn about the writing department managed by Tian Lu from Wu Xiaolan,How to treat them?

Tian Lu reviews herself,I think there is still too little communication with the writing department,So she decided to talk separately with the staff of the writing department and talk heart-to-heart。 Inadvertently learned from employees,What did Wu Xiaolan treat Tian Lu to them?,With Xiao Hua“water”Some,Said Tian Lu would do nothing,Call them all。 This makes Tian Lu Read More


I think that the head coach of the Major League Soccer can only go miserably to eat in the college team.,Michael·Davis feels so miserable。 “Mr. Michael,You don’t need to be so nervous,”Vinia looked at Michael contemptuously·Davis glance,Shook his head:“boss’S patience is not exhausted yet,You still have a chance to prove yourself……” “Thank you,Thank you……” Michael·Davis Read More

A long sigh of relief,Turning to see the Korean Xiang is safe and sound,Xing Tao has not had time to respond to the sentence of the reinforcements“Worked hard”,This person collapsed and passed out。

“Xing Tao!” Saw Xing Tao fainted,Korean Xiang yelled and ran over。 Xing Rufeng and Chu Tianqiao are here,Naturally, there is no need for Korean to hand over the case,Follow the medical staff to put Xing Tao on a stretcher,Han Yuxiang didn’t worry about his wounds at all。 At the door of the warehouse,Korean Xiang Jiandileepveg.Arrived Read More

Besides, in his opinion,Qin Feng’s wind alliance may not have the ability to block the priest’s revenge。In other words,Even the opponent of the killer alliance may not be able to keep it,At this time, if he quits, he will still be worried about his life。After thinking about it, of course it’s better not to do it!

“Do not,We lack people。You better come!”Qin Feng grabbed Otamendi’s arm directly,At this time he doesn’t want to let go of any talent。 Although Otamendi’s combat power may be at the mysterious level。But if it is placed in the underground forces, it is enough to deter the place.。Qin Feng doesn’t need these people to participate in Read More

Chapter Twelve Negotiate terms

As Xin Zhao wishes,Black suit,leather shoes、Sunglasses, some documents and the car are all ready。 And now,Standing in front of a military jeep,Xin Zhao found a very helpless thing。Turned to look at the rose“That one,Do you have a driver’s license?” Qiangwei gave Xin Zhao a look,And walked directly to the driver’s seat,Xin Zhao certainly doesn’t feel Read More

It seems to be because of the worship of the world’s first man of the King of Fighters,

That’s why Kim So Yeon embraced him excitedly,This is normal in the entertainment industry! And after this kid crossed into such a scene,Many people wake up,Actually just based on a photo,Doesn’t explain anything。 It’s just because everyone likes Kim So Yeon.,That’s why I’m so angry,In fact, everyone was threatened by Bae Joon Gi to the Read More

Standing on the purple mountain,Overlooking the whole Jinling city,Wait till Hua Deng begins,Looking at the night view of Jinling,It has a different flavor。

Usually there are so many tourists on this Purple Mountain,Endless stream,But today is sparse,I saw few tourists on the huge Purple Mountain。 the reason is simple,Because today the entire scenic spot is closed,Even the entrance under the mountain was blocked by roadblocks。 It is said that a big man came to the Purple Mountain,Twenty police Read More

Finished,Hardly wait for someone to reply,Close live broadcast in seconds,Very clean。Everyone knows Hu’s character,Didn’t say anything bad。

It’s just that many people still regret that they didn’t have any luck in the two draws。 Ke Xin, who was broadcasting, suddenly jumped up,But her brothers froze for a while,What is this nerve??It’s abnormal again? Kexin is a veteran who has been broadcasting for more than two years,The grades are always starving。 Nowadays,She has Read More

“and then,Just be more proactive and get things done for you.?”

Xiao Fan said:“OK,You go out quickly,See you here。Feel uncomfortable,Go out。” Wen Xu was disgusted again。Ugh,It’s too difficult to be Xiao Fan’s special。 Lin Yuner teased Xiao Fan and said to him:“I think it’s too difficult for Wen Xu to be by your side。” “I feel you are at different times every day,Different locations,Always scolding him。” Read More

“Isn’t Collins your biggest worry now?·Mr. McKenney’s departure affects Rawls·Is Royce’s friendship with COMAC??Now the problem is simple,”Ralph·Robbins says:“I can approve Collins’ resignation procedures,I can even use myself in Rawls·Royce’s influence,Convince the board to‘Paid cooperation’The way,Help you run this project。”

Follow Ralph·Robbins’s suggestion,Rolls·Royce is purely taking money to do things in this project、Don’t enjoy the benefits of dividends afterwards,There are only three real shareholders in this project,COMAC Group、Ralph·Robbins and Collins·McKenney。 Maybe you have to ask,Rolls·Royce’s board can agree to this condition? This is Ralph·Robbins’ value,Why can he take shares in this project,It’s him to get Read More