He considered:“Is such that,Ersao told me in the morning,She always feels flustered these days,She wants to send Yaya back for us to take……”How could he be a big man with children,Can’t tell Ersao that we are just temporary fake couples,He had to agree。

Tao Zhenzhen whispered inwardly,Zhu Yuxia goes to work during the day,No one cares about the child at home,Rural children are like this,She said nicely…… And Yang Weiguo was so generous just now,Isn’t it because of this?? She instantly turned into a delusion of murder:There are always people who want me! No wonder you were so Read More

Liu Wenzhang smiled bitterly:“Don’t worry!Misfortune to family,If they dare to move your family,Once the Black Blood Guard found,Will report to the gods,When the time comes, Prince Ning’s Mansion will be passive。And we can find a way to notify Hongliu City,Transfer your family,As long as the person is not there,The spies from Prince Ning’s Mansion have no way。”

“Ok,Then there is Brother Lao Wenzhang!”Lu Menglin arched his hands,True color。 In fact, even if Liu Wenzhang doesn’t contact Hongliucheng,,Mr. Mu, the local snake is over there,There should be no room for the spies of Ning Palace。 Unless Prince Ning sends an army to encircle and suppress Hongliu City,But this way,It is bound to alarm Read More

Wow!There was a sudden noise in my ear。

Lu Menglin turned his head and took a look,Suddenly shocked。 I saw a huge beast head,Long neck,Use a thick tongue to wrap a bunch of plant branches and leaves,Easily roll table-sized branches and leaves into your mouth,Chew up。 Lu Menglin took a closer look,This prehistoric behemoth is four stories tall,An animal head is as big Read More

“of course I remember,Such a large oil tanker,So spectacular!”Chubby face exclaimed。

“Ok,Is quite spectacular!But the problem must be quite big!”Qiao Tianyu arranged,“Keying,You immediately find a way to contact the person in charge of that group of China Oil Tankers,I want to see him,The sooner the better!” “it is good,no problem!”Xiao Chuan readily agreed。 For the chubby face,She is good at dealing with people! Half a month Read More

That’s not a joke,Lots ofBOSSMonsters hit the city,Slaughter players,Low-level players are attacked by monsters,There is nothing to fight back,Was slaughtered directly。

If this system task is to restore the monster siege scene in the game,Then Lu Menglin doubts whether the City of Steel and the guards in the city can stop thoseBOSSMonster。 Should be unstoppable!Don’t sayBOSSMonster,Even if it’s another time for the Zuma leader and the giant monster statue in the cataclysm,With the current strength of Read More

I had to break my teeth and swallow in my stomach。

“Nothing。” Everyone see this,More lively。 Talk a lot,It’s all accusing the warmth,The three of them occupy the school forum almost every day.。 Unconsciously,Warm and Nuan actually has a lot of true fans。When what happened at noon today was revealed online。Although there are still many people scolding warm and warm,But some people defend her。 “Oh my Read More

As for just now,He still doesn’t believe it,Just abolished an arrogant son brother,The other party really dared not go to war with Jiancheng?

The green pheasant scratched his head again,Seem to understand! After more than an hour,Xia Chenglong and others came to the foot of Zhujian Mountain。 From a distance,But when I got closer, I felt the magnificence of itself。 Naturally formed huge volcano,Like a“Eight”word,Small above and large below,This can have excellent stability,It should be the reason why Read More

After Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan came in,,Bai Qi is already sitting in the office,When she saw Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner, she asked Lin Yuner:

“what’s up?When I arrived this morning, I thought I was in the wrong office.。” “Later, I saw that the name on the door plate was indeed my office。When was it decorated?。” Lin Yuna said:“Xiao Fan feels that the two of us are too crowded in this office,That’s why we expanded the office area a bit,It Read More

Director Li is a middle-aged man in his forties,Have a strong sense of responsibility,He came to the conclusion after conducting a specific investigation,Take a look at the two executives who took the lead,Said neither humble nor humble:“I propose a meeting,Not shirk responsibility,It’s not about which department should be held accountable,Besides,I don’t have that power。”

Mr. Sun opened his mouth,Didn’t say anything,Look down at the data;Money is always silent,This matter has nothing to do with the PR Department,For the sake of a good relationship,I’ve already spoken to Mr. Sun,Benevolence。 Huo Yunhe is still slumped,No one knows what I think,President Li sees that he doesn’t stop himself,Then continue speaking:“Everyone is part Read More