“What a boring memorial!”Sister Fang was stunned and said。

Wen Wenhao nodded,This memorial,He felt it was fake at first sight,I didn’t expect it to be true,Beyond his expectation,No one wants to roll his eyes more than him。 “Beat people,But I must be very depressed。” Hu Yang told him:“Why not?The Qing Dynasty has the most garbage memorials。In the Ming Dynasty,Some people just keep talking nonsense,Beaten Read More

Watching this one comeOLGlasses girl,Look at Rosemary again,Chen Geng couldn’t help but explode:“Fucking!Your efficiency is too high。”

Does Chen Geng have that idea?? According to the heart,Yes indeed,Anyway, he’s a young man in his early twenties,It’s when the energy is most vigorous,Do you say yes?Put it on normal people——Even the eunuch has ideas,I just have ideas but not the ability。 But it’s one thing to have ideas,Do you want to implement this Read More

Although Ding Ruoyan’s words are a bit insincere,But Chen Geng didn’t mean to go into it,He nodded:“Also good,Many people come out of the system to start businesses,It’s also a good choice for you to leave a job without pay and start a business……Have you figured out what to do?”

“Not yet,”Ding Ruoyan licked her hair,A little embarrassed:“But I want to make electronic products。” electronic product? Chen Geng thought for a while,Asked:“Specific?” “specific……Gone,”Ding Ruoyan seems a little embarrassed,Bowed his head and pursed his mouth:“What do you suggest?” Chen Geng’s heart moved,Laughed:What is this girl thinking,He probably already counted。 “How about making a battery?”Chen Geng asked。 Read More

After all, this matter is troublesome,Secondly, who knows that they will be targeted??

“Please do not worry,Within the entire Qingshi Township,If anyone dares to think about you,You just have to shout that someone will retaliate maliciously,Everyone in Qingshi Town will help you。” I will also explain to my employees,I’m really sorry this time。 Qin Feng said cleanly,He naturally knows what these people are worried about,So he also gave Read More

From the company,It’s impossible for anyone to stop him in Lingxiao City,For a martial artist who has entered the Holy Realm,It’s too easy to get out of town without a sound。

After that, I moved with all my strength,Display“Lightning Walk”in the case of,He can reach the edge of the Star Dou Forest within an hour and a half。 Even if someone finds out,Want to know where he went,Can’t keep up。 For this,Xia Chenglong has absolute certainty。 The entire Lingxiao City,Except for the Tujia Patriarch, maybe this Read More

If they kill the Snake King Gang,No matter the success or failure,Will cause serious damage to the Snake King Gang,And the tea horse gang can take advantage of the situation。In fact,This group of young people have done it,They settled the hunting team of the Snake King Gang,Let the lion king and the bat king be buried in the jungle,It has already dealt a heavy blow to the Snake King Gang。

If this time,They took the opportunity to kill the snake king gang lair,Just in case,Tea Horse Gang can pick up a big bargain,Even unsuccessful,There is no tea horse gang,The Snake King Gang’s vitality is greatly injured,Naturally, I won’t be stupid to find trouble with the tea horse gang,So this is a good opportunity to take Read More

With the beating of the heart,The pulse is also beating normally,The temperature of life,Let the girl finally confirm a fact——

This is definitely not a dream。 “Not just alive,seem,Reborn。” Familiar classroom,blackboard,wall clock,And beside the blackboard it says“There is still116day”Small wooden sign,Make sure the warmth,I was born again,And rebirth to the year of eighteen。 “Warm,I woke up very early today,Didn’t you sleep??” Warm and warm again,I turned my head and saw a sweet-looking girl。 This girl Read More

Did not wait for her to speak,There came a more impatient sentence,“It’s okay to hang up。”

“do not,Don’t hang!”Lu Xin is anxious,Huo Yunhe is very principled,Never do things that waste time,The most annoying thing is talking on the phone,If I don’t speak again,He will definitely hang up。 “Yun He,There is a new private kitchen near your company that tastes good,Let’s try it together?” ———— Chapter Eighty Six Widely advertising Discuss carefully,Did Read More

“I believe in your vision and judgment,”Rosemary says:“You are not the first in the history of world car sales‘Car staging’,At the same time‘Father of Mustang’,You went from the sales president to the president of Ford,This all shows that you are designing、Sales ability。

Maybe it is more difficult for you to design a hot-selling model from scratch,But if I give you a car,Let you judge whether this car can be recognized by the market、Can it be hot,I believe it’s just your basic ability。” “what……You’re right。” Lee·Iacocca has a bit of contentment on his face,Rosemary’s compliment made him very Read More

Alexander·Holmdorov used a lot of perseverance to organize his head desperately wanting to swing left and right.,And force it to move up and down:“I believe。”

“Haha……” Chen Geng is happy。 What is the most important thing to brag about? Not the sound of your cowhide,But when you brag,Someone’s flattering is just right,Such as this Alexander·Mr. Holmdorov,He’s good at flattering——As for Statham、Laleford and the other guys’ constipated expression,Chen Geng didn’t see it。 He watched as he had jumped down from the Read More