“President Xia,I heard you made another ruthless move this time,Make this little flat city shocked”Zhu Hui asked with a laugh。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Not as exaggerated as you said,Business is not easy now。We have not all retired the most profitable real estate,What’s the shock??” “Don’t talk about real estate,Pingdu has a lot of space for development,Limited demand,After you dig out the first pot of gold,The others don’t make much money。Mr. Chen and Mr. Mao Read More

That is a coffee shop,Gou Shengtian is drinking coffee safely,Several tall and mighty bodyguards around。Different from the beautiful Gou Hui,Gou Shengtian looked like a very tough person。

Murderous look in your eyes! Saw Fang Yu coming,People caught Fang Yu directly, “take away!” “Don’t you want to talk to me?” Fang Yu wondered。 Gou Shengtian is too rampant! “My daughter was taken away,The other party asked to take you there immediately。You feel,Still need to talk?” Finished,Gou Shengtian directly let Fang Yu get on Read More

After the fat man made another effort,Finally got up swayingly。Too late to clamor、Fierce,He went straight to his car,Opened the rear door,The woman may be scared,Hiding in the car and dare not get out,But suddenly saw his man,Can’t help but cry。

Two apprentices were forced to leave work by their master,But Li Tianchou did not listen to Peng Weihua’s advice to leave,“Hua brother,Shall we help a bunch of Master Qi??At any rate, you can’t suffer from immediate losses for a while, right??” “help him?Ha ha,Not needed。Rest assured to go back,I say nothing is okay。”Peng Weihua said Read More

at this time,Guo Long looked into the distance,do not know why,In his heart,Suddenly have a very dangerous feeling。

“Boss,Let’s now,What should I do?” The men beside Guo Long,Asked Guo Long。 And this time,Guo Long raised his head a little bit to stare at him。 While seeing here,Actually Guo Long felt,till this moment,Such a thing,In fact, the performance is much simpler and clearer than expected。 And now,Guo Long subconsciously stares in front of him。 Read More

“39:50,There is not much time left in the third quarter,Let’s see if the University of Science and Technology can bite the score10Within minutes。”Female commentator。

“Green Party National University2Number player holding the ball,She wants to pass the ball to the inside player,All this seems to have been24See through,A precise interception,The ball is held by Purple Fang University of Science and Technology,24Fast break,She passed the ball to the basket,A teammate hit the ball steadily,Pretty!”The male commentator explained the attack clearly and Read More

“Hey!Mayor Qin,I want to ask,Xia Jian was taken away by the Commission for Discipline Inspection because of what??Is it because of which tabloid report,I can’t see it!”Bai Xiaoru suddenly asked this in a low voice。

Qin Xiaomin said in a sigh:“This investigation,People guard me。So i don’t know anything,But you are right,Just by this report,Not to let the Commission for Discipline Inspection。I heard,Someone sorted out a lot of reports and sent them to the Commission for Discipline Inspection,Is this a fuse?!” “Don’t you want to think of a solution??”When Bai Xiaoru Read More

I have been familiar with four combat skills in three days,Shenhuo Burning Sea,Water Man Jinshan and Heavenly Thunder God are all combat skills that belong to the range attack,The hot wire is a single body。

Fuming is good or bad,That teacher let Fuming go in and continue practicing,After all, Fuming is really unreliable! “Yo,long time no see” Fuming turned his head when he heard the words,Bai Liming walked slowly with his pocket,Looking at Fuming with a smile on his face。 “Why haven’t I seen you lately??” Bai Liming smiled upon Read More

This moment,With the people around,I didn’t forget to say here。

obviously,Such a thing,Start now,What should I do。 Actually just this,no doubt,It’s not easy。 And see here,Now,Wei Tenglong looked in front of him subconsciously。 Watching all this,Wei Tenglong himself doesn’t feel much。 And beside Wei Tenglong,Wang Teng shook his head helplessly:“in fact,Since you are saying that,Then this matter,Actually there is no need to continue。” When Wang Read More

“Good you shit,To be arrogant, right?。Do you think Lao Tzu’s knife is not heavy enough?!”Zhou Chaoxian himself showed his double swords。

Chai Jin is not afraid at all,It also showed his cold pair of daggers。Seeing that the two are about to fight,Liu Dunyue hurry up:“Stop me,Put away the weapon!” The two saw Liu Dunyue speak out,Had to take back the weapon。 “what happened?”Hot search Zhou Chao first pointed at Chai and cursed:“Liu boss,From the beginning we Read More

Its neck swings back,Then slammed into the door of Tyrannosaurus Lei,Beat Leicang Tyrannosaurus with blood all over the face。

I licked the blood on the crocodile face with my big tongue,Thunder Tyrannosaurus once again stuck this blue Tyrannosaurus,With Gu Long’s arrogant flesh,Directly carry out a force-based fight!! “Crazy Dragon,What a crazy dragon!”The middle-aged dragon shepherd cursed。 There are not many people left on the bronze battlefield,Just clean up those who fish in troubled waters,Let’s Read More