It’s not that simple,I wish you a clear understanding of the villain and the wicked,They often don’t know what repentance is。

As long as this Pu Shiming believes that Zhu Minglang is a soft persimmon,Then he will definitely commit a crime again。 So Zhu Minglang feels that following Pu Shiming,And then find a suitable opportunity…… …… Pu Shiming didn’t deliberately hide his breath,Zhu Minglang kept an eye on him when he left。 Pu Shiming, who left Read More

Xia Shuyue rubbed her eyes,“sister,It’s afternoon,Gosh,what,IM so tired。”

“hurry up,Dilly,People are off work in a while。”Sister is impatient。 “it is good,Let’s go。”Xia Shuyue tidy up her clothes,Holding sister’s arm,Went to the second floor together。 “Good dean。”Xia Qiuping greeted the person opposite,Is an old man,He nodded,Meet them。 Walk aside,Took a look at Xia Shuyue,Ask Xia Qiuping,“Xiaoxia,this is?” “Oh,It’s my little sister,I will take her Read More

Xia Jian just recovered,So which rose is he still holding in his left hand。It’s all because of Wang Lin,He wanted to give it to Wang Lin,But as soon as I got in the car, I forgot everything。

Xia Jian raised the roses,Smiling:“For you” “Don’t,You bought it for someone else but didn’t give it away,Either I picked it up on the road,How can you buy me roses”Wang Lin pretended to be angry and pushed Xia Jian’s hand away。 Xia Jian Patience,Gently pulled Wang Lin’s hand over:“Really bought it for you,Can you find this Read More

now,How can Xiaobai have this situation again?!

Although Mr. Koi has told himself,It will also degenerate,But when this day really falls,Still playing Zhu Minglang caught off guard!! “Bai Qi???”Zhu Minglang called it。 How did Xiao Bai open those smart eyes,But the eyelids were unconvincingly covered。 It looks sleepy,Can’t even make a soft cry,In fact, it doesn’t know what happened to it.。 It Read More


Just listen to the falling pitch explosion in the desert,Return to everyone’s ears。 The system pops up a series of announcements:“FP.Tanglin Hermit Li Ge Laugh‘Skill kill’Oscar.banana!” Guo Yinzhe takes back the controller and hides it in his sleeve,As if the explosion never happened,Hidden merit and fame。 “Boss Guo,This one‘Mechanical rage’Really great!I actually used a beetle Read More

Xia Jian thought for a while,So he took off his clothes and went to the bathroom,Took a bath by the way,He has to sleep more peacefully,A little tired today,May sleep till dawn。

Lie down on the bed,It’s really useless even two minutes。Xia Jian fell asleep without knowing it。Dream after dream,And it’s all thrilling dreams。In sleep,Xia Jian dreamed that someone was chasing him,He turned over suddenly,When he wakes up,I found myself sleeping on the floor。 The light in the room is very dark,But Xia Jian soon understood。He sat Read More

Chen Feng unwillingly continued:“brother!I have sent someone to investigate。Xia Jian and Wang Youdao belong to the same village,This Wang Youcai has been at odds with Xia Jian since he was a child,And the two of them,Seems to be fighting fiercely in a village,It has only eased in the past two years“

“You tell me what’s the use of these?“Chen Jiang said impatiently。 Chen Feng said with a smile:“brother!We can’t fight him alone, Xia Jian,Why not pull Wang Youcai on。Even if we lose,Wang Youdao’s brother is with us,You can live on your face。10,000 steps back,I want to go into the water,Why does Wang Youdao lead you?“ Two Read More

The voice has not fallen,Li Ming’s eyes are black。

Li Ming felt that his body and soul were completely separated,Even his soul‘under’I can see the ninety thousand kilometers tall divine body。 “My soul,Ripped out from the body!‘Ancient civilization’Sure enough, his ability is beyond imagination!” Li Ming exclaimed,From the immortal stage to the master stage of the universe,Soul and turn into imprints into every divine Read More

A long time in the past,The Li family did not allow Li Yunzi to station her army near the Zulong city state,Naturally, there is no saying that Li Yunzi relies on the army to rule the entire Zulong city state.。

But now,Li Yunzi regains the wasteland,Invaded Lampang,I also heard that the secret of Qiantang city-state in the southeast was attributed to Li Yunzi,There is no neighboring city in Zulong City“Occupied”! Lai Yunzi could not disintegrate the entire Zulong city state from within,From outside to inside,Trapped the entire Zulong city state to death。 Not long,Chief Female Read More

Due to the infinite expansion of the chaos,Chaos matter looks very thin,Can be cruel、The intensity is no less than before,Li Tianzhen can’t know‘Creation’What methods are used to collect this little world,But ultimately failed,I can’t speculate about the boy’s methods,I just feel that the other person lifts lightly,Has a great threat。

Young people are drifting,Suddenly copy with left hand,Then inadvertently the right hand fished again,Didn’t seem to catch anything,But it made Li Tianzhu feel that this is the most serious look of the boy since meeting,Every move of the other party seems to have a deep meaning,And it quickly became apparent。 Li Tianzhen discovered that some Read More