The Sanglong showed such terrible wisdom,Mostly because of this Yin Lingshi girl!

She is the true leader of these lost dragons!! “They are dangerous,The Yin Ling master is guiding them to the lair!” I wish Minglang dare not stay here again,Left this stone village immediately。 The tricky thing is,Zhu Minglang doesn’t even know Yusuo、Xinghua where did they go,This Lihuagou is so complicated,Without clear guidance, it is impossible Read More

Eye-catching,Tenderness,Among them,It is never explained at first sight.。

Liao Wenjie:(one`′one) Finger,This snake is hot。 Besides,This snake is actually a temperature,Waist is fine,Soft…… Water wave,Lake,Liao Wenjie brow wrinkled,Surcase is too strong in the air,Jumping out of an atmosphere,Practice Bai Sui。 The latter is reluctant,A pair of beautiful is on Liao Wenjie,Not talk,Just like him。 “girl,Have time to see me,Not as good as picking up Read More

“Don’t lie to me,Did some bastard bully you??Tell me,If so,I will take someone to fix him”Wang Youcai said,Took out the phone。

Chen Xiaoju smiled and said:“Stop it,He went in again,I want him to bully me and I won’t be bullied” Wang Youcai listened,Asked a little surprised:“what did you say?Zou Yong, he went in again,For what?” “Fight!His temperament determines his fate。Just hurt me,What do you think I should do for the rest of my life?”Chen Xiaoju smiled Read More

“it is good!Very correct,It seems that you have been learning,This is what i need“Xia Jian praised Xi Zhen a few words,Then he asked a few very difficult questions。

Xi Zhen was very calm and calmly answered one by one,Recently, Xia Jian appreciated it。Xia Jian thought for a while,A person’s abilities grow through continuous learning,It’s not that she is so good,The key depends on whether she has a learning attitude。 Just when Xia Jianzheng and Xi Zhen were talking in full swing,Xia Jian’s phone Read More

The spirit of time who heard this,Frowned,Responded:“right now,There is only one way。

But this one way,A bit risky。” “any solution?” Lin Yu,While hearing this。 Find,Own body,It’s hot,seem,Is there something,Like burning yourself。 but,I can’t stop these burning things。 “of course,Take this treasure,Refining。” “just,Want to refine,Must go out,Kill each other,Grab this thing。” “but,You just can’t get out now。” “and so,You have to attract the other person in。 It is Read More

Xiongji smiled slightly,Smoke a cigarette,Pass it to Xia Jian and light it up。Xia Jian never smokes,It’s just that drinking a little bit of wine can sometimes add to the fun。Because Xiongji asked him to talk about things today,This cigarette can be smoked。

Xiongji closed the door tightly,Then whispered:“Your Venture Group Contracted Project,Let’s work。Collect funds together,Late distribution,Of course,Your startup group can account for a large amount,Details,We can talk in detail“ “How many qualified companies can you associate with,These companies can’t just find,Certain relevant qualifications are complete,And good reputation,Sufficient funds“When Xia Jian said this,,I have a plan in my Read More


First118chapter Not only for nothing “Xiaoqingzhuo,Deal with the previous。”Zhu Minglang calling again,It is the Shenmu Qingshenglong that summoned。 Shenmu Qingshenglong Qingmang shining,After drinking the Silver Cedar Holy Dew,Its feathers are more gorgeous,The vertical pupil is deeper and more flexible。 When it appeared in this leaf forest,My eyes swept through the deciduous forest,It’s like the Holy Read More

“The trench coat is London fog,You can’t buy this brand in small places,Sunglasses are Ray Ban,Specifically for cool,Any pair is worth thousands,This kid is burning,by,I’m afraid this pair of shoes is no less than five or six thousand,People are more angry than people。”Xu Wen murmured in his ears,This guy glanced casually,Recognized a bunch of famous brands,Get angry。

Shen Yingjie wanted to laugh,Holding Xu Wen’s hand and pinched the opponent,The two walk away quickly,After bypassing the huge rock in front,The stone steps all the way up to the top of the mountain。 Agui Temple was built on the top of Aguishan,Quite imposing,Agui’s Mongolian means cave,The main idea is that the temple is built Read More