[Coke and Baijiu]_Liquor_Drink at the same time

At present, everyone has a lot of dinners, and there will be entertainment after being separated by three. If you are faced with entertainment, you will drink alcohol, and white wine is essential. Many people habitually drink white wine with some drinks, because it can cover the spicyness, And you can drink the taste of the drink, and drinking it in this way has a special feeling, and it is also a way to adjust the atmosphere between friends. Can cola and liquor be put together to drink?

This is a problem that many people are very concerned about.

Liquor can be drunk, please drink with caution, not drink too much.

Liquor is a high-concentration fragrance-type alcohol, while cola is a carbonated beverage, and it is mixed together to drink. Although it is not as easy to produce poisonous substances as white liquor to redeem drugs, drinking too much will have the following harm.

1. It is easier to get drunk. Liquor is added to cola, which tastes better, without the astringent bitterness, which makes people feel like drinking beverages, especially for people who usually do not drink alcohol and like to drink cola.This method of drinking is more acceptable to people, thinking that Coke dilutes the wine taste, with more sweet taste, the more people drink more, the easier it is to get drunk.

2. Increased organ damage Cola contains a large amount of carbonic acid. If mixed into white wine, the carbonic acid in it will decompose to form carbon dioxide, which will be released in the stomach and produce alcohol to enter the small intestine quickly. The small intestine absorbs alcohol faster than the stomach., Then accelerate the metabolism in the body, accelerate the alcohol in the liquor is absorbed by the body, increase the burden on the liver and kidneys.

3. Excitable cola refers to sweet, caffeinated carbonated drinks, and white wine is also a drink that stimulates the nerves of the human brain and is exciting. Drinking both together will make people more excited, feverish, and emotionally high.Difficulty falling asleep, drinking more crazy.

4. Vulnerable cardiovascular and cerebrovascular liquor and coke drink together. Carbonic acid in cola enters the stomach, releases gas and alcohol, and quickly enters the small intestine. In addition to increasing digestive system damage, alcohol easily spreads throughout the body., Through the blood-brain barrier to enter the brain, thereby damaging the heart and brain blood vessels.

5. Affecting digestion Liquor redemption Coke drinking too much is not only useless for the stomach and intestines, but will also affect digestion.

Because a large amount of carbon dioxide can inhibit the beneficial bacteria in the human body, it can easily cause abdominal distension, affect appetite, and even cause gastrointestinal disorders.

6, easy to gain weight Liquor to drink together to make people more likely to gain weight.

This is because there are 298 kcal units per 100 ml of liquor and 43 kcal units per 100 ml of cola, so a drink of both together is higher, and people are more likely to cause obesity.

7, more serious damage to heart Caffeine contained in cola has a certain stimulating effect on the heart, drinking too much liquor will also increase the burden on the heart and may cause heart disease.

Moreover, Erguotou was originally a kind of spirits. Drinking and drinking together at the same time produced a feeling of heartburn, even poisoning with sperm.

8. There will be no immediate poisoning effect. Some people are more concerned about the recognition, and they will be more worried about whether the liquor liquor will cause poisoning. However, according to the people who have eaten it, there is no poisoning reaction.Most people are crazy about drinking alcohol, so it is best not to be greedy for drinking cola for cash.