“Want to learn magic spells,There are three main ways:One is the inheritance of magicians from teachers and students,Is to find a magician,To be his apprentice,Teacher-student relationship!Of course for most people with magical talent,This method is actually the most difficult,Because it is impossible for a magician to become a tutor and train an apprentice for free,Unless you are willing to pay a lot of money,Or sign a harsh contract,How many years have served as a mentor after becoming a magician。Of course it doesn’t need to be so troublesome for you,Your talent is very precious,I believe many magicians are willing to be your mentors for free。”
Seeing Wright a little puzzled,Wizard Wilmot added,“There are also many fights between magicians,Whether it is between the major forces of the empire,Or within the various forces,And the relationship between tutor and apprentice is very close,Even without signing any contract,Students also think that they are affiliated with a faction with the teacher!If you grow up,It is a great help to your mentor or his faction!”
“For example, even though I am only serving as a consultant to the wizard of Fallen Dragon Castle,But i am also us‘Northland Wizards’ Guild’the member of,This is a loose alliance formed by our teachers and students!I can help you find a magician of at least level 8 as a mentor through the guild relationship.。If you don’t join any big forces,It’s just joining this looser organization like me,A magician with certain strength,Often called the free wizard。Our free mage’s magic spell is inherited from the teacher,Almost no restrictions,You don’t need to be clear about which force you will work for—Unless your mentor is also from a certain force!”
Speaking of which,I heard Viscount Cap coughing hard,Interrupted the words of Wizard Wilmot,Mage Wilmot also knew that Viscount Cap was dissatisfied that he had been instilling in Wright the benefits of the teacher-student inheritance of the Free Mage.,This kind of unilateral talk about the benefits,Maybe I can fool a kid like Wright,But he won’t satisfy his benefactor。I have to say a more objective supplement:“Of course, the free mages also have shortcomings,First, the Northland Magic Guild is loosely organized,The spells mastered by each magician inherited by teachers and students come from the teacher,But magic spells are constantly evolving,In other words,The magic spells mastered by the teachers and students are not necessarily rich,And you have dual talents,It is very likely that you cannot find a tutor who can teach you dual magic at the same time,For the magic not understood,Even if the instructor’s magic level is high, it may not be able to teach well!”
Drank saliva,Wizard Wilmot continued:“The second,Is an academic magician,As long as there is enough magic talent,Pay enough tuition,You can go to the Magic Academy to study!There are three best magic schools on the mainland,One is the Magnolia Empire‘Magnolia College’,The second is our imperial capital‘Puang First School of Magic’,The third was established by the Southern Bright Holy See‘Ernst College’。The first is the Magnolia Empire, let alone,‘Puang First School of Magic’Was formed by the imperial royal family,The background is second only to“Magnolia College”,Legend has it that the Sanctuary Mage reclusive in the Academy!The latter belongs to the Holy See of Light,The legendary pope of the Holy See of Light,Founded by Lord Ernst, Master of Sanctuary。Of course there are other magic schools,For example, in our Lanfeng County‘Blue Castle School of Magic’,Clay-collared“Iron Mountain School of Magic”Wait。But with your talent,Can enter the three best magic schools!”
“However, the defects of the Academy Master are also obvious,First of all,The magic spells taught in the college are all publicly first six levels,These spells may not be known to ordinary civilians and fighters,But for the mage, it’s public content,As long as there are gold coins, it is easy to get。If you want to learn more advanced magic, you can only join the major forces!Secondly,The Mage Academy was established by major forces,Although it claims to be absolutely free to come and go,But there are still some things involved。If you go to the Magnolia Empire‘Magnolia College’On the contrary。As long as they can afford the extremely high tuition fees of foreign students。If you enter a domestic college,We have to consider the forces behind them!select‘Puang First School of Magic’It means that a large part of the money you spend on going to school comes from royal support,The same‘Puang First School of Magic’It also means that it is in touch with the Holy See of Light。Of course you only need to consider these three colleges,With your talent,Only these three colleges can teach you well!”
“As for the third method,Is to join the major forces one step closer,This join is not for you to join,For young people who have not grown up,These big forces will only cultivate extremely talented,But your talent is barely enough”Wizard Wilmot glanced at Priest Obadiah,“For example, the Church of the Earth represented by the priest Obadiah,And the Holy See,Dark Church,Imperial royal family,There are other ducal families,People are definitely willing to accept a talented magician,Of course I advise you not to do this!Your high talent is just talent,If you join these forces,The three Holy Sees are okay,The royal family and many other noble families will definitely give you a lot of resources,But it also restricts a lot of your freedom,Maybe even the marriage partner will be arranged for you in the future。You can go to the Magic Academy first,Wait to become a sixth-level or even seventh-level mage,Join the major forces after graduation,The status of a 7th-level mage is enough to directly obtain the Viscount title!”
Chapter Eleven Solicitation and parting
After explaining some common sense of magic for Wright and others,Wizard Wilmot very seriously proposed the solicitation:“Wright,Your talent is the highest I have seen in the past 30 years,But for the past 30 years, I have only been active in the territory of Lanfeng County.,as far as I know,The average level of talents recruited by the three major magic academies is the top elemental affinity and top spiritual power,Elemental affinity and spiritual power are not rare!Your talent is above average among these talents,May not be taken seriously。”
“But if you join us‘Northland Wizards’ Guild’,Then we will definitely get key training,Although our organization is relatively loose,But arranging for you to enter any magic school in the north is no problem。Wait for you to become four、After graduating from Level 5 Magician,I believe there will be high-level magicians or even great magicians to accept you as a disciple,I can directly find my tutor to arrange this,Will。。。”
“All right,Wilmot,You have said enough!”The Obadiah priest interrupted Wilmot somewhat roughly,“‘Northland Wizards’ Guild’?It’s just a loose organization,The power only developed in the barren lands of the north of the empire,If it’s not for your sir, the president of the Holy Magister,,Not a big power at all!”The angry wizard Wilmot’s face turned blue,But can’t refute。
The priest Obadiah turned his head and said to Wright kindly:“child,Do you plan to join our earth church?!”,The kind-faced priest paused and said:“On Power,Our Earth Temple has the missionary power of the entire empire,The light and darkness of the Holy See, plus a power, are even closer than us。On the bottom line,When the empire was founded, our earth temple already existed,Second only to the imperial royal family,And the relationship between the imperial family and us is the best among the three major religions;The most important thing is,The Earth Temple is best at training magicians and warriors with earth attributes,And even if you don’t want to join the Earth Temple directly,You can also go to the first magic academy of the royal family to study first,Enter the church after graduation。I can’t give you any promise,But if you join us, you will not regret it!”Talk about it,The priest of Obadiah really didn’t speak again,Although he represents the Earth Church,Greedy some geniuses,But it’s not impossible to make some promises,Unless this genius really reaches the point where the church itself is alarmed。Although Wright’s talent is high,But every year the mages of the three major magic schools and the free faction recruit students with this level of talent。He said this mainly to release kindness,Maybe Wright will really become a powerful magician in a few decades,To increase the probability of joining the Earth Temple。
Viscount Cap seems to be more satisfied that the priests of Obadiah are not stalking,Also open up to make suggestions to Wright:“Wright,If you join an ordinary magic academy with your talent,Will definitely get the best training,But the training ability of the ordinary magic school itself is not very good,If you join the three major magic schools,But to compete with the best geniuses!”
“But i recommend,You’d better choose Puang No.1 Magic Academy,No matter which power you want to join,It’s best to find a way to become a powerful wizard,On Cultivating Magicians,The three major colleges are the most professional!The Magnolia Academy of the Magnolia Empire is too far away,And it will charge extremely high tuition fees to our Puang Empire students,Suggest not to consider。And among the two domestic colleges,‘Ernst College’After all, it was established by the Holy See of Light,And our Dragon Falling Fort is the sphere of influence of the Temple of the Earth and the Dark Vatican to spread faith,The Dark Church and the Light Church are deadly enemies。If go‘Ernst College’,If you return to the North in the future, it may arouse the disgust of some extreme believers。”
“of course,Whichever Wright chooses,We are your strongest backing,If you are planning to find a mentor among the liberal wizards in our Northland,I think Master Wilmot will help,right?!”