Bill·Sistan’s swordsmanship is based on the law of fire,Count and Wright’s‘Flame style’Is the same style,Strong attack,Overbearing moves,Face a weaker opponent,Crush it easily。But the defense is relatively weak,Confronting Hamlin, a stronger Dark Saint Magister,Hard to resist。
Wright after stepping into the sanctuary,But derived from the law of water system【The Profound Meaning of Water·Flow-through】As the main means of combat。【Flow-through】The artistic conception is endless,Endless loop,Very flexible for defense,Easily resist Hamlin’s many attacks,It’s also gaining momentum in defense,when‘Potential’Full,Erupt like a flash flood,Extremely powerful。
Of course more importantly,Hamlin began to face the cooperation of many sanctuary,Taboo magic‘Night falls’As an obstacle,Each break。And Klander’s explosive strength,Forcibly destroyed‘Night falls’Rear,Hamlin also had to fight him head-to-head。
Wright has to admit,If I fight Hamlin alone,Maybe escape,But if you don’t retreat,I’m afraid I can survive at most 30%。
The power and frequency of the magic released by Hamlin after the blessing of the blue dragon ring,It’s too exaggerated!The power of nine levels of magic,Are fast enough to catch up with the ordinary attack of the peak power of the sanctuary。This can even be said to be against common sense,Even the ninth-level magic instantly cast by the Sanctuary Ultimate Mage,And kill ordinary sanctuary fighters at most,Warrior at the top of the sanctuary,Basically not afraid of level 9 magic。But at the moment,Hamlin used nine levels of magic to resist a man who was close to the limit of the sanctuary,Teaming up with a Sanctuary peak powerhouse。
Wright only then understood,Why is the earth magister Delinkwater staying in the ring now?,Dare to think that he is one of the top five powerhouses。On Frontal Attack,Earth magicians are still stronger than dark magic。
“Windscar!”The huge cyan halo seems to turn into a breeze,Pass silently。
An instant,Countless black ice tentacles were cut and shattered by this blue light,Hamlin’s eyes flashed black,The whole body stretches strangely,Like a giant python。
“Wow~”Hamlin’s body was directly cut off by Koland’s ultimate move,But Hamlin, who was cut off in half, did not die.,After transforming myself,Vitality has also undergone essential changes。Hamlin at this moment,It’s as tenacious as a beast like an earthworm。
But even so,‘Windscar’It also destroyed all the ice tentacle defenses in Hamlin in an instant.,At this moment, Hamlin’s body surface has almost no defense!
Wright’s eyes lit up,Instantly burst out his strongest move!
The strongest material attack unfolds。
The spear in Wright’s hand jerked out,Like a shooting star,Suddenly, the power of grudge burst,Flame grudge and marksmanship perfectly match。
As if flowers are blooming in the void。
‘Flowers’Bloom,Hamlin quilt like a giant snake‘petal’Surround!
‘Flowers’Close up,Terrible power broke out in an instant。