Liao Wenjie:(one`′one)
Finger,This snake is hot。
Besides,This snake is actually a temperature,Waist is fine,Soft……
Water wave,Lake,Liao Wenjie brow wrinkled,Surcase is too strong in the air,Jumping out of an atmosphere,Practice Bai Sui。
The latter is reluctant,A pair of beautiful is on Liao Wenjie,Not talk,Just like him。
“girl,Have time to see me,Not as good as picking up your sister。”
“Don’t take her,Can’t die。”
“This can be,Human life。”
Liao Wenjie shook his head again,Jump……Not jumped out,When the feet were born, they were pulled back by Bai Suzhen.。
“girl,Good arm!”
Liao Wenjie feels emotion:“This is equal,It is more than it is more than it.,Whoever married you in the future?,That is really unlucky.。”
Bai Suzhen:“……”
All blame!
Chapter 354 When you let it take, you want to get too much
“The son misunderstood,I am a weakness of my weakness.,I have learned some yellowing.,Connected to practice a law。”
Bai Suzhen:“The strength may be bigger,But it is only compared with the woman.,More than the strong man is unable to。”
“so it is!”
Liao Wenjie nodded,Suddenly:“I am still strange,Girl’s strength,Be flat,How to see is not a natural power?,It turned out to be a Chinese people。”
Bai Suzhen:“……”
She knows that honest people will not speak,But this is too much not to talk.,I did not have less than。
But don’t be tight,A good thing,It will be said that it has been handed by other girls.,I am still getting her.!
“girl,Your sister is still in the water,First fish first……”
“The son is relieved.,I haven’t drown so long.,Definitely drown。Don’t take her,Outer rain,Let’s go in to avoid rain。”Say,Bai Suzhen uses the arm of the people,Put Liao Wenge into the ship。
Drop stop,Rain is turned to the tonnel,The lake is more fog,Poetic paintings have an ancient beauty。
“Son,Pingshui meets unknown,Also hope to inform。”
“Pingshui meets the passengers,Know and I don’t know what difference,Girl does not need to force。”Liao Wenjie shakes his head。
“Bonology,Centennial,One of the words of the fate,How can you say that it is strong??”Bai Suzhen laughter,Open next to small stoves to dissipate chill,Rain water wet shirt sticks up,Bending moment,Enchanting curve。
Liao:Big brother,Demon girl,This pit is jumping and also。
Big Liao:Less talk,The benefits have been you have,Of course, it doesn’t matter。
Liao:no,Big brother,Eye、hand、They all said good。
Yes,Big brother!x3