Ming Hhe Xuan’s heavy land。
At this time, his cheek is still in shape.,Struggle,Grievances stare at the summer。
But when he is in the middle of the murderous scorpion,Can’t bear it。
He is so much humiliating,That time, it is also brought to him in the summer.,This is the second time。
His so-called dignity is completely trampled。
He is one of the four sons of Beijing.,Tall,No matter where it is, it is the focus of attention.,Reverence。
And in Lingyun Group,He is one of the five giants,Can now be mad in the lobby。
This makes him see people in the future。
How to serve?!
One word is not falling,Ming Hheixuan is strike。
His eyes,Is unbelievable desperation and fear。
Not just him。
The staff of the four-week onlookers also riped,Especially those female employees,Can’t help but scream。
I saw the summer wrist.,There is a blade like a knife and sword in the hands.,Flashing the soul cold。
“Last Laozi, you will live a life.,Your special code doesn’t know how to live。”
哒 哒 哒。
He walked before he held a knife。
Ming Hhe Xuan’s eyes,http://www.yoogong.cnOpen mouth,What do you want to say?,But I found that I can’t say it.。
He wants to kill people!
This is the message he returning all his views.。
The murder of the other party is like substantial,It’s just that I have to sprpen my bones.。
Ming Hutuan, a four major son of Beijing,If you have a small place, you will encourage it.。
Su Xiaodia was also scared,Seeing the summer walking toward Minghexuan,Running,A few steps to run over the summer arm。
“Don’t come。”
Take advantage of this opportunity,Ming Houxuan is almost exhaustive,Startly stood up and run out。
However, no steps have not been running,Legs,Talk again。
He stood up again,As a result, I found that my legs actually can’t afford it.,The power of the body is also exhausted in this moment.。
His trousers wet a large piece,Odor。
His face on his face,In the eyes of employees around,So is so frightened。
“Summer total!Summer life……”
He suddenly looked up his head,Tearlessly scream。