Most books on the world history will begin to tell Asia’s rise from the independence of the African Mission in the Second World War. But in many Asian countries in the future, it is still in a backward state for a long time. The international economic order is basically or dominated by Western.

  The true rise of Asia, especially the rise of East Asian economies, including Southeast Asia, is a matter of approximately two or three decades. Its main feature is that these economic volumes explore the development path suitable for their national conditions, maintain political basics, condense the confidence and consensus of development.

  It is worth mentioning that East Asian economies have not only found them in the process of economic globalization, and they have formed an unprecedented regional economic integration through mutual cooperation. This can especially be seen from the "10 + 1", ASEAN China, Japan and South Korea, "10 + 3" in China.

"East Asia" This new regional concept can be widely recognized, which means that cooperation in this area has had an important impact on the global economy has produced non-consecutive. The cooperation of East Asian economy has experienced a process of fusion from the combination of production chain and turning to regional economy.

Early East Asia cooperation, mainly in Japan, forming a cooperative production chain of industrial division, expanded and consolidated on the global supply chain. But this model still drives the external driving, which is very serious for Western economic dependence.

  After the Asian financial crisis in 1997, the Asian countries had pain, and they began to pay attention to the economic cooperation within the region while enhancing their own resistance. In 2008, the international financial crisis broke out, and the East Asian economy did not fall, but it showed a strong "immunity".

So many experts believe that it is a crisis in the West, not the crisis in Asia. Asian economies tasted the sweetness of cooperation, the world also shared the results of Asian economic cooperation.

In particular, the rapid development of China’s economy has led to regional cooperation, making Asia have become an important engine that drives world economic recovery and growth, and contribution to world economic growth has exceeded 50%.

The focus of the world economy began to transfer from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.

  As a result, Asian economic cooperation begins to enter a new level. Asian economies have begun from excessive dependence on external demand, and gradually drive into internal demand, and cooperation in the economic level has also begun to extend to other levels such as political, technology, culture.

Strengthen cooperation and develop together into internal demand. Asian cooperation is also facing a lot of challenges, but today’s Asia is not yesterday, the one of them is owned by certain hegemony.

Solving these problems that impede cooperation and development, can only have to deepen cooperation in the process of development, enhance mutual trust, Asian people do not lack of resolution problems.

At present, there are many mechanisms and initiatives in Asian cooperation, and all aspects and ideas are rich and diverse, coordinate all aspects of interest appeal, forming mechanisms that can protect mutually beneficial win-win need to better promote understanding, cohesion consensus, enrichment, and deepen cooperation.

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