meeting venue.

Recently, Anshun was held in Anshunjing to hold an anti-drug "big sweep" and created a national anti-drug demonstration city work deployment meeting.

Lu Qing, deputy secretary of the Party Work Committee of the Economic Development Zone, director of the management committee, leaders Lei Yi, attended the meeting, the member of the district Anti-drug committee, the district (office) police station, the main person in charge of the high-speed rail West station police station participated in the meeting. The meeting reported on the 2019 anti-drug work and 2020 work intended, conveyed the "Anshun Jingkai District Anti-drug" University Sweeping "Special Action Overall Program", "2020 Anshun City Create a National Anti-Drug Demonstration City Development Zone Work Plan" and country, province, city The spirit of the anti-drug work conference and arrange the deployment of the next step.

The meeting pointed out that all departments at all levels in the Economic Development area should improve the station, closely surround the total requirements of "excavation, sacrament, breaking the network", and do the high level of the national security, national rise and fall, and the people’s well-being. In the case of the general situation of being unfigured in the whole district, the overall situation of comprehensive well-off and economic and social development is related to completely eradicating drug hazard confidence and determination, effectively grasping the anti-drug "big sweep" special action as a major political task to grasp the results. The meeting requests that the Economic Development Zone should be in strong political, history, responsibility, firmly establish long-term combat thoughts, and maintain the anti-drug struggle; to take the opportunity of anti-drug "big sweep" special action, in-depth promotion of anti-drug demonstration city creation work; All departments should earnestly unify our thoughts and actions to the city and district arrangements. Based on the preliminary work, adhere to the high standard strict requirements, and work together to promote the creation work, and resolutely ensure that national anti-drug demonstration cities have successfully created success. (Figure / Wen Zhao Jun) (Editor: Yulin, Chen Kangqing).