“Hey!This guy bit me,Say I do business with him,I owe him the money,Forced him to do this,You say irritating but not irritating,Fortunately, the police responsible for handling the case,Finally whitewashed me,Otherwise, there is really no way to mix in this circle“Xiongji said with an unhappy face。
Xia Jianshun comforted him,The two broke apart,But from the conversation of Xiongji,Xia Jian can understand a lot of things he doesn’t know in Buchuan City,This is also a way of messaging!
“President Xia!It feels like something is missing without drinking?“Xiongji holding a teacup,Said to Xia Jian with a smile。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“How about you drink,I am really sick,I’ll drink with you for sure“Xia Jian said so,I feel a little regretful about drinking,If it wasn’t for a good bottle of Su Yiman’s wine last night,It won’t make Li Xiaolu so easy。
At this moment,Suddenly someone knocked on the door and walked in,Xia Jian thought it was a waiter,So ignored,I only heard a woman smiling and saying:“Two big men sit and eat together,How can there be no wine?“
Xia Jian couldn’t help raising his head,One tall,Woman with long hair shawl stands at the door,Smiling at them。This woman seems to be in her forties,But she is bulging,Very enchanting,It can also be said to be a beauty,It’s just a little older。
“Hey!Mr. Lou is here,Please sit inside“Xiongji laughed,Stood up。
Woman walked in,Close the door,Smiled at Xia Jian and said:“This must be President Xia of the Venture Group, right??“
“Correct!He is President Xia“Xiongji talking,Chao Xiajian took a look,Xia Jian had to stand up。
Xiongji then introduced:“President Xia,This is the boss of White Collar International,Lou Zong“
Without waiting for Xia Jian to reach out,Mr. Lou has stretched out his hand,She smiled and said:“Mr. Xia!I’ve heard it a long time ago,The newly appointed general manager of the venture group is a young man,See you today,Sure enough”