It’s finally time for an hour,Xia Jian moved quickly to remove the silver needle from Zhao Longlong’s back,Then the six silver needles were soaked in another bowl with white wine。
“So comfortable, Mr. Xia,Can i get up?“Zhao Longlong laughed,My butt keeps twisting。Zhang Teng saw,Happy in heart,So many days,It is really rare for Zhao Longlong to move such a large body。Xia Jian is really a god。
Xia Jian closed his eyes slightly,Speak softly:“Don’t move,It’ll be fine in a while“He said,Suddenly interlaced palms,After kneading, he violently pressed Zhao Longlong’s waist。
“what!“Zhao Long’s neck is raised fiercely,Can’t help but yell。I don’t know if his cry is comfortable,It’s painful,I’m afraid only he knows this in his heart。
Xia Jian’s hands didn’t stop,But keep rubbing on Zhao Longlong’s back。In a while,I saw from the eye of the needle I just pierced,There was a black bruise,Looks a bit disgusting。
Zhang Teng sees it,Quickly took a piece of gauze,Cleaned all the bruises on Zhao Longlong’s waist。Slowly no bleeding in the needle’s eye,Xia Jian stopped now。
“Try it yourself“When Xia Jian finished saying this,,His heart is also raised。After all, he is not a professional doctor,Just relying on my little experience,The medical skills he passed on to him,And the silver needle Wang Huimin gave him*Combined。success or failure,It depends on whether Zhao Longlong can turn his body over。
Zhang Teng is also very excited,Anyway, Zhao Longlong is his boss,The friendship between them is stronger than that of real relatives。So the nervous person here should be him。
I saw Zhao Longlong crawling on the bed with both hands first,Followed by a twist。OMG!He turned over by himself。Xia Jian sees it,Smile on his face,He pushed on the bed with one hand,People jumped to the ground。
“Brother Xia!Don’t hurry,I, Longlong, Zhao, want to thank you well tonight“Zhao Longlong said,Actually sat up miraculously。
Zhang Teng sees it,Can’t help but be overjoyed,He stepped up,Speak loudly:“Brother Long can sit up!Brother Long can sit up by himself“
Zhao Long Longyan with tears,Move slowly,Then got out of bed gently,May be the reason for not walking for more than a month,He can’t even leave。
After moving two steps slightly,Suddenly clasp your fists,Chong Xiajian said loudly:“President Xia!You gave me this life,From today onwards,As long as Mr. Xia greets you,I, Zhao Longlong, will definitely take my whole class with you“
Xia Jian hurriedly replied:“Brother Long is serious。Actually, it’s not a disease that you can’t move,But you twisted your waist while practicing,Qi and blood,Piled up together。Plus I got a little bit cold,Congestion and qi are getting worse,And then compressed the nerves,So you can’t move“