Shajir’s eyes flashed with excitement,But also quite confusing,The previous two samples are much worse than this young man named Li Tianchou in terms of strain and survivability,Aren’t they from the same organization?The boss got the information from no way?It seems that there is still a lot of moisture。
Li Tianchou, huddled in the groove of the cliff wall, finally passed a brief moment of crisis,Binocular vision gradually recovered,But the sound is still not ideal。He believed that the eardrum of the left ear canal was penetrated,Is it very slow to recover from such a bad state?,He doesn’t know,But it’s not right to stay long,Must rush out of this valley as soon as possible。
While arranging weapons,Li Tianchou was extremely shocked and angry,Human flesh just now*Is actually a real person!Because of his face、The body is covered with blood and unknown tissues,How did Lao Pan’s body be moved by these animals??!
Li Tianchou, who was about to go madly, repeatedly ordered himself to be calm,Calm down,At this moment, he has fully understood what the mysterious organization he will face is a perverted and heinous monster,He vowed to eradicate this organization completely,Even if the body is broken。
The urge to kill and destroy everything that burst out from the depths of his mind was forcibly suppressed by Li Tianchou’s self-consciousness,He stared at scarlet eyes and gasped,The acid water gushing from his throat made him retching constantly,Strong physical spasms prevented him from controlling himself for a long time,I do not know how long it has been,He just sat on the ground with sore limbs。
It’s dark all around,The dim light that was there before is gone,I’m afraid it’s night。Li Tianchou is sober now,The scene just now seemed to be a walk through purgatory,Almost broke him,Maybe it’s very Tailai,Instead, he has a new idea for the next move。
Because I don’t know anything about the terrain deep in the valley,People who don’t know each other、Weapon equipment、And the incredible trap,So desperate and blind rushing is a man’s behavior。
on the contrary,The other party knows Li Tianchou’s whereabouts well,An endless stream of killer moves, even Superman can’t support it for long,So going further is equivalent to suicide。It’s just that what he didn’t understand was the purpose of the other party and didn’t kill him immediately.,This gave Li Tianchou a sad feeling of cat playing with mice。
Report the current situation to the instructor immediately,And get as much support as possible,I believe that the actual situation of the so-called core area will attract enough attention from the other party。Before getting a response,Li Tianchou decided not to go deep into the valley。
of course,It’s not a good idea to stay in place,It’s hard to guard against dangers that appear at any time,It’s wise to go back the same way,Get ready to kill again。
of course,It’s not difficult to quit,Since the other party can let you in easily,It’s impossible to let you go back alive,For this,Li Tianchou is fully prepared。
Must act quickly and decisively,The signal from the watch is weak,But it does not prevent him from taking photos for evidence。After returning to the old vine tree,He hastened the pace,Take a look,He began to climb the thick vine branches,But at this moment he finally encountered the attack of the gunman who was ambushing here。
Fortunately foresight,Li Tianchou tirelessly tied the body of the monster to his back,Avoid the danger of being hit directly by a bullet。Even so,He still fell from the vine,The ground meat and unknown liquid choked him,But Li Tianchou knew that he couldn’t kill the opponent only with a small pistol in his hand.,So try to keep your breath and die。
really,Not much effort,It’s coming from the back side.、Annoying footsteps,Judging from the step point,There are two people on the other side,One after the other,Appears very careful。
At a place three meters away from Li Tianchou,The two stopped one after another。The man in front actually took out a flashlight,A dazzling light suddenly appeared in the dark and terrible space,Don’t say Li Tianchou, who closed his eyes slightly, is not used to it,Even the two gunmen were scorched,The one behind even cursed in a low voice that he didn’t understand。
But this curse is only halfway through,Li Tianchou bounced from the ground,Raising his hand, he gave the gunman two shots,In the harsh echo,Two bullets have completely interrupted each other’s cervical vertebrae,At the same time, the military stab flying out of the left hand also hit the gunner’s neck with great accuracy.,The second half of this person’s curse was completely choked back into the abdominal cavity。
Li Tianchou found guns on the two of them at the fastest speed、Bullets and some unexpected other items,Includes two gas masks。Then grab the vine branch and climb quickly,To prevent accidents,This time he was jumping between different vines and branches,Climbed to the top of the cliff quickly like an ape。