So many people in the village did not see,I’ve seen it everywhere.,Is this not a way to give a handle??
Don’t be stinky, you should not be stinky.,To know how to avoid。
Good main servant,Do not want to dress up as ancestor!
The key is that it is still not very much.!
Which grandmother is respectful to my own grandson!Also remove tea water!
There is also a time when you have a heart.,Obviously, I am used to this kind of thing.。
Put down the plate,Cookedly wiped the crumble of the plate with Pat。Tea is also handed to others with both hands.。
“No,You said that you didn’t see it when you didn’t see it.!嬷 嬷,Take something out and give it to her.!”
“Is this??Young master,Don’t confirm it again??Many observation observations!This is not a hitchhi.!”
“嬷 嬷,For so many years!Do you still believe me??”
Nanyong expressions have no change,Just like what food is as flat at noon.。
“Young master,How can I not believe in you?!Just this time I really know the big,To think more about it is!”
When the two came, they played their dumb,Niu Niu looked at it and curious and speechless。
What is important??Get such a secret of God?
And their tone is as if they will be accepted as they will come.。
I don’t look at my position at all.!
What is bad?,I don’t have to die.。A little thing I didn’t use it.,Can’t change money,Even if you put it at home,I have to blame a person。
So much,Calling is not cost-effective。
“嬷 嬷,My heart has decided!Don’t persuade any more!”
“Ugh~alright~I will take it away.。”
It’s also considering it all my heart.,I hope he thinks twice and then,Don’t use things。
If there is anything else, I will have it.,After all, it is a person who is taking care of himself.。
For so many years,I have been following my east.,Take care of the home,There is no hard work。
“Have a hard time.!”
“This is the old slave.!”
“When you take something, find a suitable time to open it.!It should be able to help you grow up quickly.!The speed of your growth is too slow.!” Be sided aside,Niu Niu, who is bored to be bored, finally someone。
Niu Niu has an instant happy happiness,Then anger。
what happened?An opening is disappointing yourself!I haven’t dried myself.!
What is called growth too slow??What else can help you grow up??Too much!
Is old days to rearrange a fantasy script??
“Don’t look at me like this!Qiqi can’t wait for you for so long!For up to five years,You must grow up!”
“What are you talking about??I don’t understand.!I should go back to eat.,My mother is sure waiting for me.!Wheum,we”
Elegant?Such a big burden is pressed on himself.?No problem?