“This funneling is full of young and old in the village,Did you do it?”
“Is not。”
“Then,Why are you jailbreaking?Why run away with Zhang Zhiqiang in the small town?”
“You said just one thing?”Li Tiansi stunned。
“you answer me。”Xiao Yadong suddenly took a step diagonally,Raised the tone,Inadvertently the body has been sideways on the side of the door,“Since it’s here,Just make it clear,If you want to run,I can only step on my old Xiao’s body”。
Li Tianzhen stared at this former big brother,A lot of emotion in my heart,Work out from the mountains,The first trusted big brother I met was Xiao Yadong,Going around for years,Ups and downs,From the police、The relationship between police and robber has become peer,Who knows that it will take a turn for the worse in a few years,Now it’s back to the police and robber relationship,Impermanence,But Xiao’s character、No change in quality,Still trustworthy and admired,But the temper is still stubborn and smelly。
“it is good,I answer you。”Li Tianzhen smiled and took a step back again,“Jailbreak is forced,I don’t want to be a guinea pig,But someone is interested in my body,I don’t know what shit experiment to do,The instructor knows this,I’ve been tossing it twice,So without the instructor,I can’t believe Guo Yuxi,And this person won’t get in,Heart to heart,Stand on my side,Think about it;
“second http://www.meitebangong.cn question,Actually, I just said,What a tragic scene at Hongyang Dragon Mansion at that time, you personally experienced,It is conceivable that Zhang Zhiqiang’s bloodthirsty has become the climate,If you don’t kill this person as soon as possible,More innocent people will die,That situation,I don’t have time to explain to you。”
“Bullshit!Any criminal has laws and regulations to punish,What can you do?Talk about your problem,Don’t tie Zhang Zhiqiang together。”Although Xiao Yadong is stern,But the attitude has obviously eased。
unexpectedly,Li Tianzhen shook his head,“I’m here to talk about Zhang Zhiqiang,I forgot the time in the cave these two days,Don’t know what happened。correct,By the way, ask Guo Yuxi,Where did he get one of my things?”
Xiao Yadong’s nose is crooked,The mountains are looking for this guy like crazy these two http://www.qhoutdoor.cn days,Tired to die,This guy actually lay in the cave sleeping?Such a big thing,You also have the heart to sleep?
“Talking must have a talking attitude。”Xiao Yadong suppressed his anger,Hand back to the waist,Then he pulled out a pair of bright handcuffs,“Stay here,It’s not that my brother is unfeeling,I didn’t even think about using you to claim credit,Think about my family,You have to figure it out sooner or later。”
Li Tianzhen frowned slightly,Xiao Yadong’s stubbornness really makes him temperless,After two or three days,I wanted to take a shortcut to understand Zhang Zhiqiang’s situation,I would have known it this way。
“Brother,Let me speak through,I just want to know the exact news of Zhang Zhiqiang,Ran?Still surrounded?Where is?Just one sentence。As for my own question,Brother better not to force。”
“Why are you so crazy?Is http://www.hrbzgyxy.com.cn involved in such a huge case,Still alive,Threaten me?Why are you?”Xiao Yadong smiled angrily,If not for the little brother from many years ago,If it weren’t for Li Tianzhi, I still have some hope,He drew his gun long ago,I still allow him to be jerky here?
“Why?”Li Tianzhen muttered to himself,Suddenly looked up at Xiao Yadong,In the eye,Like a beacon in the morning mist,Suddenly, Lao Xiao was taken aback,I don’t know why I have a flustered feeling。