Xining City launched a nucleic acid detection of the main city at 9 o’clock on November 6th.

Cheng Dong District has moved, the first time held a nucleic acid test emergency meeting, carefully arranged deployment, urgently mobilizing health, public security, urban management, emergency, community, joint point unit, volunteer, etc., according to the number of resident population The principle of matching, matching staff and epidemic prevention materials, clarifying their job responsibilities and workflows, compaction work responsibility, ensuring seamless connection.

Since then, the government’s government is planned, 8 working groups follow up, 7,000 staff plus code, more than 50,000 masses, a total of all nucleic acid detection of the same time. The nucleic acid detection of the whole staff is tight and task.

In order to perform nucleic acid detection in efficient and orderly, Chengdong District has set up 251 temporary nucleic acid detection sampling points in 2 towns. Each sampling point divides the body temperature measurement area, waiting area, registration area, sampling area, buffer and other regions. The standard is set up the information registration group, a nucleic acid sampling group, a sample transfer group, an order maintenance group, a logistics support group, a murder and medical waste disposing group, and the masses under the unified scheduling and guidance of the street offices and communities. Second, the peak is going to the nearby test point sample. On the evening of the 5th, the temperature drops to -5 ° C.

Cold wind, wind and snow. The staff is on the wind and snow, and the war is hot. According to the residents live "localization", they should be inspected. That is, the sampling point is set, the sampling point sets well, one-meter line and other prevention and control principles, the radiosal builds the tent, arrange the site identification sign, scheduling Epidemic prevention materials … a city, a heart. "The cliff type" cools, lets the wind, cool down, rain and snow, the sky is only -5 ° C to -13 ° C on the 6th. However, it is unable to stop the Eastern District people to defend the determination and footsteps of the epidemic. "The owners of 17, 18, please go to the building to do nucleic acid detection …" Early morning, the staff of the Zhongfang property reminded the owners to the test point to sample, the residents of the community have taken a few steps to the collection. point.

In the main road such as Dongguan Street, Volkswagen, Volkswage, Volkswage, Volkswage, Volkswage, Volkswage, Volkswage, Volkswage, Volksociety, and a community, basically able to make nucleic acid detection in the jurisdiction.

Residents of each community maintain one meter distance in accordance with the guidance of the site staff, and the whole process is standardized to wear masks, temperature measurement, check code, and register information and wait.

The staff will lead the masses in a group of 10 people.

Sampling window, the medical staff guides the residents to cooperate, while reaching the sampler into the residential throat, then put back to the sampling tube, use disinfectant to disinfect … More than 700 people per minute, more than 40,000 per hour, Efforts over 6 hours, the entire sampling process is efficiently ordered.

"Angel White" "law enforcement blue" "Environmental Red" "Environmental Red" is incarcifies "big white", they are not afraid of cold, not afraid of the epidemic, carry forward, jointly guarding "healthy green", ensuring this nucleic acid detection work normative, rigorous , Carry out efficiently, do the "hard index" to exchange the "health index" of the people in the whole region. As of 21:00 on November 6, the nucleic acid sampling in the city is 390332.

Next, the city of the city will continue to protect all aspects of work and ensure successful nucleic acid detection tasks.

(Source: Xining City East District Committee Propaganda Department) (Editor: Ma Jianhui, Zhang Liping) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.