Previously, Zuo Guo expressed his affirmation of national securities culture, and it is recommended that national securities can be in the mainstay, and it will be a large lecture hall, photography. The activities of the exhibition show that corporate culture have done better. Famous people have added Glorious National Yuan Securities Culture Art Lecture Hall 2021 Series Public Welfare Lecture Activities by Anhui Province. Guoyuan Securities Investor Education Base is also the "Anhui Provincial Literary and Art Volunteer Service Connection" that the Provincial Wen Federation and Guo Yuan Securities. Today, the National Legal Securities Culture Art Lecture Hall has held ten phases in accordance with the plan, and the period is wonderful. In the past, the Chairman of the Provincial Wen, Chairman Chen Xian sent a wonderful story of the first issue with the theme of "the inhalation of artistic nourishing and poetic". Subsequently, Chen Zhiyong, the fifth chairman of the Provincial Photographers Association, Wu Xue, Chairman of the Provincial Calligraphers Association, province Musician Association Vice-President Tian Ya Li, Zheng Wei, Vice Chairman of the Hefei Normal University, Shihe Song, China Strue Association Committee Member, Mun Cheng, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, Chen Lin, Anhui Daily, first-class art teacher crystal, As the President of the Provincial Photographer Association, Xu Zhigui is the second phase of the ten-year-old leader, sharing his own learning from photography, calligraphy, music, literature, painting and other aspects.

Exquisite calligraphy skills, beautiful tune melody, vivid and pleasant paintings, 传 的 词 赋 … Every period of exciting sharing has released new fireworks, but also added new in China’s cultural construction. Brilliant.

As a specific display of corporate cultural construction, the national level securities and cultural art. It not only enrichs the educational content of investors, but also innovates investor’s educational form, but also creates a good cultural atmosphere for the company, enriches the spirit of corporate employees. cultural life. Photography enwelling highlights in the cultural art lecture hall, During the consecutive period of the Cultural Art, China Securities and China Securities Futures Industry Photography Association, China Photographic News, Entrepreneurial Photography Association (Shenzhen), Anhui Photographers Association, Shenzhen New Vision Securities Photography Association Jointly hit the image network technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. jointly organized the national photography exhibition of "Shengshi Zhonghua Dameihe Mountain" in the National Securities Cup. Through promotional, organizational, selection, etc., the "Shengshi Zhonghua", "Ningguo, Qiqiu", "the collective wedding" "cloud city", including the collective wedding "," cloud city ", etc. Through the vivid documentary of rural rejuvenation, science and technology frontiers, natural scenery, cultural and life, show the beauty of natural and industry and the beauty of humanities.

In response to this photography exhibition, the national securities held the national photography of the National Securities Cup National Photography Exhibition, and the participating experts watched the 80-way works and "how to promote cultural construction" for the national securities. "Expressed their respective insights.

Guo Yuan Securities said that culture has an increasingly important position in corporate construction, and the national securities will continue to promote corporate culture, listen to the opinions of experts, adopt a variety of activities, and constantly enrich the content of cultural construction, constantly expanding The Influence of Cultural Securities Enterprise Culture.

This photography exhibition is both a good exploration in photography art to the financial sector, but also a good integration in photography art and financial industry. Guo Yuan Securities fully borrowed the spread of photography, showing the financial style, transmitting positive energy.

Breakthrough boundary innovation and development from poetry songs to calligraphy painting, from the cultural and art lecture hall to the national photography exhibition, the national government securities move frequently in cultural construction, "crossover" results are remarkable. In July of this year, Guolian securities received a class A rating of the 20020 Securities Corporation Cultural Construction Practice Assessment in China Securities Industry Association. Next, the national securities will be based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, integrate into the new development pattern, and do a good job in cultural construction leading projects, and do a good job in the cultural construction of cultural construction, "supplement short board, strong Weak items "Do a good job in cultural construction and improvement, and do a good job in cultural construction innovation projects with professional capabilities and practicing and conduct. Value leads.

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