“Since you are so respected by the patriarch,I want to learn about your skills!”Murong Yuan is pressing step by step。
Fuming to see the provocative gaze around,I know I can’t escape now,I had to go to the ring step by step“Hey,Silly big guy,Let’s first say that if you lose, you can’t cry”
“Dare you say i’m stupid!”Murong Ming is tall,Looks strong,Hearing Fuming yelling for his stupid man, a nameless fire ignited in his heart。
“Don’t you think this name fits you well?”Fuming hugged his arms and smiled。
“Humph,If you win me,Shout as you like,But see if you are capable!”Murong Ming exhales white breath from his nose,The Murong people underneath know that Murong Ming is angry!
“come on”Fuming said。
“You don’t wear armor?”
“Not needed yet”
Murongming thinks Fuming is looking down on him,But he does and knows,Fuming doesn’t need the blessing of battle armor。
The armor on Murong Ming’s body is turquoise,Whole body energy flow,The body moves and rushes towards the life,Punch out,Fuming feels the fist wind is approaching。
Fuming’s figure flashed to the side,Murong Ming missed a punch,Turned to look at Fuming,Jump up“Combat skills-Green Bull Step!”Fuming punched out,Fist,A strong wind is surging around。
“This guy is crazy?How dare to take over Murong Ming’s Qingniu step!”The people underneath are all dumbfounded,I didn’t expect to daring to attack,Surprise flashes in Murongming’s eyes。
Murong Ming jumped back“You are really bold enough!”。
“Hehe,The power is pretty good”Fuming shook his arm and smiled。
“Humph,See how long you can last!”After that, it was another fierce fight,Just when the two were fighting,A waiter ran to Murong Qingling to report。