Text | Gao Shuguo Family Education Blueprint has been drawn a few days ago -11 departments including the National Women’s Federation and the Ministry of Education recently issued the "Five -Year Plan for Guiding Family Education (2021-2025)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") to fully implement the "Plan") The People’s Republic of China Family Education Promotion Law "promotes the high -quality development of Chinese family education in the new era, and provides action plans for modernization of family education.

  "Planning" releases multiple positive policy signals for family education. Among them, "promoting family education guidance services into the fiscal budget at this level" is conducive to promoting national and regional education financial adjustments, and increasing financial support for family education.

"Promote the establishment of a family education guidance agency at the county level or above the local government." "Promote the general establishment of parent schools in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens", it will promote the reform of family education supply side and promote the overall improvement of family education guidance services. The ancients said: "Family, home; Temple, Gongye." Family education is based on blood relatives, and naturally has affection, feelings, and temperature.

Good family education can nourish children’s physical and mental growth, let children know glory and disgrace, understand the rules, have love, be in mind, and responsible, etc., and the status and functions in educating people are irreplaceable.

  For a period of time, the boundaries of family education and school education have become blurred. Many parents participated in the children’s entry and competition at close range, reacted their homework, counsel homework, accompanied their children to train classes, and took notes with their children … The space and role of family education should be narrowed and one -sided. Parents have become the "supporting role" of Lideshu people, and are even marginalized.

  Now, China ushered in the spring of family education.

Family education development model is undergoing unprecedented profound changes: the transformation from the only child to the twin children, the transition from the traditional way to the modern way, the improvement of the quality of the extensive development to the quality of the quality, and the transformation from learning introduction to independent innovation. "Planning" accurately changes, scientific response, and active changes, providing a guide for action for better exerting the role of families in education.

  To better play the role of family education, we must seek high quality of family education.

High -quality family education is a combination of adaptability, professionalism and personalization. It is not the assistant and vassal of school education. It is necessary to refine new positioning, new characteristics, and new models that are suitable for the development of the times. Give full play to the talents and professional advantages of colleges and research institutions, set up home education research institutions at educational science research institutions and key teachers at or above the provincial level, gather family education research forces, and provide high -level theoretical guidance and policy guidance for family education. And resource guarantee, create a professional family education guidance service system, improve the family education ability of parents as a whole, so as to bring baby, moral education, and science to teach baby in accordance with the law. To better play the role of family education, we must seek family education activities and effectiveness.

Family education is an important part of the national public education service. It should respond to the "Five Youyou" requirements proposed by the "Plan" to allow family education activities Public service supply levels, enhance guidance service coverage, accuracy and effectiveness. For regions of poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation families, precise docking of information, resources, and services should be highlighted.

For the trend of low fertility and declining childization, the national fertility policy should be closely adjusted to highlight the improvement service mechanism of parenting guidance guidance for infants and young children under the age of 3, and provide scientific and standardized parenting guidance for parents and infants and young children. For special children and families, normal, professional, and precise family education guidance services should be provided. To better play the role of the family’s educating people, we must seek to cooperate with the full chain of the school and society. The key to collaborative education lies in the same direction, organizational effort, resource sharing, and all participation.

The government must play a leading role, firmly grasp the political direction of socialist education, and implement planning guidance and policy guidance for the development of education, especially family education, and form a family education guidance service model with local characteristics and group adaptability. The school should play the main role, become the main position for the party to educate people and the talents of the country, and promote the teaching and education of home -school homes. Parents must play a key role, assume the main responsibility of implementing family education for minors, promote the health of children’s health Happy growth; society must play a role in participating and meet the diversified and diversified education and training needs of family education and children’s development. "The essence of the world is in the country, the nation’s own is home, and the family is in the body.

"Standing is home, the country is safe, and the country is safe.

It is necessary to give play to the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of various government departments, social units, and every family and family members. High -quality development of family education to explore roads, summarize experience, form a model, tell the story of Chinese family education, and strengthen the road self -confidence, theoretical confidence, institutional self -confidence, and cultural self -confidence of Chinese family education. (The author is Deputy Secretary -General of the Chinese Education Society).