[Difference between Clam and Flower Clam]

Many people will replace clams and clams. In fact, although they are shellfish, they will have a certain relative position, so you should pay attention to comparison when buying. Clams have high nutritional value and delicious meat, but clams are not spicy.Fried or soup is also more delicious.

1. Clams and flower clams are actually a kind of shellfish food, but the two are very similar in appearance, both contain rich nutrients and delicious meat, so they are also delicious food that is rarely seen on the table.

2. In fact, although the clam and the flower clam belong to the same type of shellfish seafood, both in terms of appearance and its meat quality claim are relatively close, but there are still some differences between the two, so when choosing,There are some differences to note.

3. Clams are mainly produced in the coastal area, which has high economic value, rich nutrition, and delicious meat. It is one of the main seafood products for Rudong County to earn foreign exchange.

Known as “the world’s first fresh” flower clam shell is small and thin, long oval.

The top of the shell slightly protrudes, and bends forward slightly at the back edge.

The radial ribs are dense, thicker at the front and rear, interwoven with concentric growth chakras into a cloth pattern.

4, clams are relatively large, generally a few centimeters in diameter, the largest are a few centimeters.

Seawater culture, the shell surface is smooth and delicate, with light gray-brown variegated markings, can be tilted in various colors, such as teppanyaki, fried, fried, and soup, etc., the taste is very fresh, especially the Nantong seaside producers are fresh.

5, flower clams, also called variegated clams.

The flower clam is small in size and cultivated in seawater. The shell surface is similar to clams, but generally darker and darker, with dark red between the lines.

Freshness is slightly inferior to clams.

Slight bumpiness.

It can be stir-fried or made into soup.