Lu Haocheng clears her hand,Low head,Pain, some can’t be self-suited,I have been over for a few months.,She is not awake,He wants to see her smile.,It seems to listen to her voice。
He wants her.!Le Zhenxi stands in front of his own floor,Looking at this year’s first snow,And the person he worried,I haven’t woke up。
Time is swaying,Winter is very long,Can be used for busy people,Still very fast。
This winter,A lot of things happen。
Lu Si is pregnant,twin,Everyone is also very happy,After all, I found my beloved man.,Everyone is sincerely sent to their own blessings.。
Earnest year ago,Xiao Jun brothers and sisters after a holiday,They moved together to the Penghu Villa。
Le Yu is in order to facilitate convenience,Also opposite the villa of Lu Haojia,Under the help of Yi Tianqi,Sold a villa to live alone。
Hour,Of course accompany her,Occasionally,Le Zhenxi will come over here for a while。
weekend,Everyone will gather in Lu Haojia,Mu Qing makes a big table dish,Then everyone eats a meal,Go home。
And this winter,Lu Group’s winter,It is also burned to the river and all over the country.。
The preliminary draft is Blue Xin designed,Lu Hao has changed some,Make this winter,Get more hot than fall。
Different series of design styles,With a temperature,Helded the apparel market in Jiangyou and all over the country。
Become a group of Lu Group,The most hot winter。
Just I have been lying down Blue Xin,Can’t see this scene。
Yao Yao looked at the chalk group,And they decline in sales in Jiangyou this year,Also doing fashion style,Such obvious gap,Let her have a serious threat in the company’s status。
Many customers turned around to settle the Group,It is even more annoying.。
Add a divorced blow,Let her temper become more violent。
And she pushed all the responsibilities to her competitors. Blue Xin’s body.。
Gu An’an works every day.,Are careful。
“Anan,This Blue Hinter is a scanning star,People who have to die will also let our company dragged legs。”
Yao Yao looks at this year’s sales report,Gas face。
She puts the report hard on the desk。
She wears a white wool coat,Powerful grip,I have never been optimistic about her,In the Lu Group, it became the most explosable history.。
Gu Ai’an had to admit,Blue Xin’s design talent is really good。
“teacher,Original,We should take the winter style.,As long as we have made it in their company,The company has not played.。”
Yao Yao is cold in her.,She doesn’t know what I think in Gu An’an my head.,She is not good,“I heard that this year’s style is Lu Hao Cheng and Blue Xin.,If we have taken us,It will become very troublesome,You know the Lu Haozheng,We don’t have to adventure this season。”
NS969chapter:It’s better to see Blue Xin.
She has long thought of this problem.,But the other party is Lu Haozheng,She doesn’t have much movement。
After all, Lu Hao is not good to deal with。
Qin Ning faces the death penalty,晔 is also the past,In addition, he adds him before the sin.,Finally become a life imprisonment。
Even if they have failed,She naturally,Can’t be as stupid as they。
Gu Ai’an is also anxious,If it is developing such as Lu Yong Group,She got Gu’s,It will also be squeezed。