Xiongji closed the door tightly,Then whispered:“Your Venture Group Contracted Project,Let’s work。Collect funds together,Late distribution,Of course,Your startup group can account for a large amount,Details,We can talk in detail“
“How many qualified companies can you associate with,These companies can’t just find,Certain relevant qualifications are complete,And good reputation,Sufficient funds“When Xia Jian said this,,I have a plan in my heart。
Xiongji frowned and thought for a while and said:“At least ten,If these companies are added together,The production capacity is definitely twice that of Beiwei Group“
“it is good!Since you have this ambition,Let’s work together temporarily。how to say?Because I am currently talking about a new project,If this project is discussed,Leave it to you,Let me see if it’s like what you said,Your production capacity is twice that of Beiwei Group“When Xia Jian is here,,Can’t help but glance at the watch。
Xiongji smiled and said:“Dragons without a leader,You have to stand up and lead us“
“I’m afraid I don’t have this ability,These people should be led by you!Specific details,Tell me when you are done“Xia Jian said that because he didn’t want to wade too deep。
Xiongji took a breath and said:“No way!We set up a joint company,You will be the general manager,I’ll be the deputy prime minister。These ten repair companies are under your unified command and dispatch,I will take care of the rest,Such as quality supervision,Construction period and some local coordination, etc.。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Your idea is very good,But I have to go back and discuss this,Because you also know,Most of my investment is in Pingdu”
“Okay, Mr. Xia!If our joint company is established,Your investments elsewhere,We can also buy shares,This way down,Within a few years,We became the leader of Bucheon,What the hell in Beiwei and Nanwei?!”Xiongji gets more and more excited,It feels like this joint company has been established。
Out of the hotel,Xiongji took Xia Jian to a massage again, Xia Jian feels like he’s been here,I just can’t remember it for a while。Because Xiongji is the investor here,So the service to them will definitely be different。
Maybe it’s really too relaxing,Xia Jian fell asleep as soon as she lay on the massage table,Although Xiongji arranged for him the most beautiful lady here,But Xia Jian didn’t know anything。
He has never been so relaxed,It’s really comfortable,He didn’t even dream of it。Xiongji is smart,Seeing Xia Jian slept so well,So all the ladies who massaged back out,He fell asleep slowly。