She is the true leader of these lost dragons!!
“They are dangerous,The Yin Ling master is guiding them to the lair!”
I wish Minglang dare not stay here again,Left this stone village immediately。
The tricky thing is,Zhu Minglang doesn’t even know Yusuo、Xinghua where did they go,This Lihuagou is so complicated,Without clear guidance, it is impossible to find them in the deep mountains。
“what happened??”Mr. Koi saw that Zhu Minglang hurried back,Puzzled question。
“Deceived by that ghost,She is the leader of the lost dragon,She is controlling the dead people in the stockade。Now, the enmity master may draw Yusuoxing into the trap,But i don’t know where they are。”Zhu Minglang said。
“I know,I know,Even if the master reaches the edge of the sky,The end of the earth,I can find the owner,Come with me,Big fool!”Little Chang’e jumped out,Said to Zhu Minglang。
Zhu Minglang was taken aback,Seeing a few jumps and ran to the fairy rabbit dragon。
This made Zhu Minglang suddenly remember a little thing before,That’s the person who made Xiao Chang’e follow her,Not Yusuo,But Li Xing painting。
“Sister-in-law of the prophet let Xiantulong follow me,I’m not worried that I need to be cured,But to prevent this from happening?Star painting has long been aware??”Zhu Minglang talk to himself。
No matter what,Find them as soon as possible。
Yu Suo is strong and strong,But it won’t last long,Can’t protect everyone in the team。
Follow the fairy rabbit dragon,I wish you a bright future,I found that the Yin Lingshi girl led others to a very deep place。
The more you think about it,I wish Minglang the more disturbed。
The only good thing is,Li Xing’s painting is wary,That way they shouldn’t fall into desperation all at once。