Ten Benefits of “Growing Up”

People often lament “every year is older than every year” on every birthday after the age of thirty.
However, today, the concept and concept of “old” are undergoing huge changes. Some experts even find that “getting old” means “better”.
Here are the top 10 reasons why psychologists list “old is old and good”.
  One, you will be smarter.
“If you have been reading, thinking, and creating throughout your life, you may have increased your intelligence while acquiring knowledge.
Said Robin Hoenig, author of How Women Are Aging.
This means that although age may slow down the speed of reasoning and memory, it does not necessarily reduce the quality of thinking.
  Second, you will be stronger.
Research by neuroscientist professor Dr. George Willant shows that as we age, our psychological defense mechanisms magically become stronger.
That is to say, young people often rely on strategies to protect themselves, such as denial, rebuttal, etc., while middle-aged and older people rely more on more scientific and healthy means such as humor, altruism, and innovation.
“It’s rare to see a middle-aged or elderly person agitated in a slow and crowded elevator, but young people who scold their dad and mother-in-law can be seen everywhere,” said Philip Bergman, author of the book “Gathering Courage to Meet Aging”.
Twenty-three, you feel powerful.
Most people reach their peak in their careers.
“This is the most competitive age,” said psychoanalyst Elizabeth Okinkraus.
24. Your marriage is better.
As you get older, your marriage will become stronger, and the longer you get married, the more you will cherish your marriage.
  Five, you become more and more yourself.
Psychologist Marty Gersfeld said, “The older you are, the more clearly your personality will become clearer, and you will make your thoughts, loves, and hates clearer.Understand what kind of person you are.
Twenty-six, you will become more considerate of others.
According to a recent survey, 84% of respondents believe that people will become more compassionate by middle age.
As our children grow up, our love continues to increase.
  Seventh, you will be more forgiving to young people.
When you become a grandfather or grandma, you will have a desire to share the joy with the new generation, and you will become more forgiving to young people, because you finally realize that “life is short.”
  Eight, your world will be more spacious.
Geriatrician Robert Busler said: “If you continue to nourish and develop your relationships, then when you enter middle age, you may have a strong network of people . love each other,care.
You are more motivated to do things.
Older people often think that they have few years to live, but this recognition makes them more aware of the value of time and gives them a sense of urgency about their careers.
Studies have confirmed that interest and stress may also have an effect on life.
  Ten, your spiritual life is more plentiful.
This is because you have enough time to reflect on and summarize your life experience, and the result is the deepening of faith or a leap in your soul .