The door of the school leader has not been opened yet.,Ji shouted a sentence。
Once the door is opened,Seeing the office in addition to Dr. D’Lisa。
Walter,Ai Minstan,Tesla。
“Other executors inverse entropy in the conference room,Ji,You go to handle it,Note。”
Kii is coming back,De Lisa arranged a task。
Retropy entropy except three people,Other executives are like thundermond dragon horses.,Trucks in a base,Or more or less core confusing of reverse entropy。
Relatively speaking,Ji is like a master of the main station warship like this.,Identity。
“Oh,and also。”Ji one feet just stepped into the door,Ready to take out,De Lisa continued:“Notify,Person in charge of each department,And those who combat the troops or more must be present。”
Ji is a little paused.,Then said:“good。”
The Eastern Branch is on the last time this group of people,Still when Qiana is out of life。
And most of the main people in retropy came,The meaning of the representative may be more than the previous one.。
“Don’t have to be so urgent,Han Jiang returned it.?”Walter suddenly said。
Ji was stunned,Retrimentary Rex Retriever Single Single Solutions Hanjiang,But still nod,“came back,Has been sent to the school hospital。”
“I heard that Han Jiang was seriously injured.,Let’s take a look together。”Say,Valter Resistive Issa and Tesla out of the door。
Ji Zi and De Lisa are in front,Small voice:“what happened,Why do you want to find Hanjiang??”
How much is the current value of Hanjiang?,Make a truth,How to care about the injury of the poison person, you should first ask Qi Yana and buds.。
De Lisa:“I will know if you arrive.,Retrograms have made breakthroughs in a certain field,Han Jiang is the best experimoctive body。”
“Experimental body?”Ji was stopped,The sound is big.,road:“I can’t let you do this.!”
Looking at the reaction of Ji,Walte laughed and said:“Ji Miss,It’s not what you think。”
Ai Yestein said with it:“We have been tested inside inverse entropy,And there is a successful laboratory in 18 years ago,You also know。”
“Qi Gay Caslanna。”
Most executives in reverse entropy are coming,Qifu Fei and Thundermallow Dragonfly naturally come to Santa Fer Ya。
Two people who love women,Did not listen to the arrangement of Walter,Now is in the school hospital in San Feria School。
The Qi Guan flying over the inverse entropy has recovered a lot,But it looks more than before.。
“Do not worry,Not fatal injury,Who is not hurt??”
Qi Game deliberately unspeak the sleeve of yourself,Twisted a few times in front of Kaya,No status。
Qi Yana snorted,Don’t look like Qi Guanfei,“Who said that I am worried about him.?I am just hungry.,Buds are here cooking here,I am waiting for buds。”
the other side,Thundermallow looked at their own daughter,My daughter is looking at the operating room。
Thundermond Dragonfly is a genius,Typical engineering genius,Naturally, this kind of thing is natural.,Mother who can bubble to the buds all with personal charm。
Asked later for a long time,Just take a few questions。
“No injury?”
“Have she bully you??”
The bud is asked,Push the thundermond wave with both hands,“Okay,I’m not hungry,No injury,Nor is not wronged。”
Thundermond dragonfly is not laughing,“I haven’t seen it for a long time.,You are not worried about my situation.,To care about the stinky boy?”
Skirt,Twisted:“I just worried that my father came from North America.,I want you to take a break.。”