Recently, the results of the "National Party History Knowledge Competition" activity of the Party’s History, the "National Party History Knowledge Competition" activity was announced, and Chifeng City won the "Excellent Organizational Unit Award", which is the only union city of the autonomous region.

  It is reported that this event is to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and continue to promote party history education, aims to create a sense of party history by answering the test, to create a higher atmosphere, for the majority of party members, cadres, people to understand the party. Struggling, learning the party’s basic knowledge, knowing the party’s theory and route policy policies, stimulating the cadres and people love party patriotic enthusiasm, firmly walking the confidence of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The event has a variety of online competition modes, ranking according to the participant’s answer points. Since the beginning of the event, Chifeng City has attached great importance to it, as one of the important contents of the party history education, testing party history education results, carefully deployed, meticulous organization, extensive publicity to launch the city’s major party members, cadres, and masses Online answering activities, participants and answer activities are in the forefront of the autonomous region, create a strong atmosphere of learning party history, understanding, doing practical things, opening a new bureau, and continue to promote the study and education of the city’s party history.

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