Sun Xingming will undergo surgery after returning to South Korea, with a maximum recovery period of 6 months
In the 26th round of Tottenham against Aston Villa in the Premier League round recently, Sun Xingming collided with the opponent player and fell to the ground in the 54th second of the opening, causing a fracture of his right arm.At present, Sun Xingming has returned to South Korea, and has undergone surgery today and tomorrow after reviewing the injured area.For this incident, the Tottenham official said after the game that the medical staff will re-evaluate Sun Xingming’s rehabilitation treatment plan after the operation, and he is expected to be absent for several weeks.According to Tottenham coach Mourinho, he no longer expects Sun Xingming to return this season.Sun Xingming may be reimbursed for the season.Screenshot In June 2017, Sun Xingming suffered a radial fracture of the forearm of his right arm during the World Cup qualifier against Qatar in South Korea.After this injury, the hospital where Sun Xingming stayed was still the Seoul Gyeonghui University Hospital who treated him three years ago.The doctor said that if a similar site encounters another fracture, the operation will be very complicated, and the long-term recovery period will reach 6 months.In this way, Sun Xingming will be destined to miss the top 40 Asian games in March.This season the Premier League will end on May 17, if Sun Xingming really reimbursed the season, then he can not even catch up with the last two games of the top 40 in early June.For the current injury and injury Tottenham, Sun Xingming’s absence will greatly limit Mourinho’s platoon formation and the progress of the entire season’s plan; and for the South Korean national team, Sun Xingming has fallen, and it must be moreA heavy hit.Sauna, Ye Wang Deng Hanyu editor Wang Chunqiu proofreading Yang Xuli