The nurse was amused by her expression,“Enema is to reduce the risk of surgery,If you have a bowel movement,No need to irrigate。”
Xia Shuyue froze for two or three seconds,Too nervous,Finally remembered,“I had a bowel movement at three o’clock at night,does it count?”
Nurse smiled,“Calculated,You don’t need an enema if you have a bowel movement that day,You are lucky,Enema is still a little uncomfortable,Have to go to the bathroom to defecate。”
“Oh,That’s great,Thank you。”Xia Shuyue took a sigh of relief,Stroking his chest。
“it is good,I’ll come over to insert the catheter for you at a later date,correct,Just to ask,After surgery,Do you need an anesthesia pump?”
“Urinary catheter?Does it hurt??”Xia Shuyue is nervous again。
Nurse laughs again,“No pain,Anyway, if it hurts or not, you have to insert a catheter,You can’t run this!Do I need an anesthesia pump?”
Xia Qiuping nodded immediately,“want,want,My sister is afraid of pain,Still need anesthesia pump。”
“Ok,Just a few hundred yuan more,Less suffer。”Nurse answered。
Wang Sulian was also very nervous while listening,“Then we want!”
Nurse is out,There are three people in a family sitting there,Suddenly don’t know what to say,Everyone is nervous。
It’s not nine,Only eight forty,The nurse is here again,Inserted a catheter for Xia Shuyue,Then a few people pushed a mobile bed cart over,Slam the brake of the bed car,Line up with Xia Shuyue’s bed,Let her lie down and move to the bed cart。
Xia Shuyue moved hard on the bed cart,Xia Qiuping held her arm to help her hard,After she lay down,Two people pushing the cart to the operating room,Xia Shuyue was so nervous that she was holding the sheets with both hands,“mom,Big sister,I am afraid。”