Next,Fight after battle to determine the real genius。
According to the rules of previous years,When the top talents are over,City Lord Meng Ju will speak,Talk about encouraging spiritual practice,look back at past,Looking ahead to things。
And Qingling Old Way,And Jia Er, who has entered the City Lord’s Mansion and pretended to be a steward, is ready。
Assassinate,On the verge of。
Li Ming at this moment,Under the ring,Sense swept,Frowned。
“A Yuanshen Taoist?who is it!”
And the ring,Two masters of gods and demons fought against each other。
Congenital masters of the gods and demons refining body fight,But it is very intense。After all, ordinary attacks even fall on the masters of the gods and demons.,At most a slight injury,The surge of divine power quickly recovered。
And when the two fight,If the lord Meng Ju of Seven Cities also appeared outside the lord’s mansion。
“boom~”A flash of sword light,No one thought of the old butler who had been with the lord for many years,Actually do something to his master。
The magic weapon of flying sword,Flying at extreme speed is like a stream of light,It’s about to be chopped on the head of City Lord Meng Ju。
But for a moment。
“Qian~”A tortoise shell appears on the body surface of Mengju with simple but strange traces,There is a light blue brilliance on the turtle shell。