For example,General Hui Lei is good at fighting alone,Evacuation is extremely fast,Strong attack,The defects are also obvious,Taoism is not strong,If it’s the world of mental flow,Or other good at illusion,And a practitioner who has a powerful secret technique will restrain her。
If you know in advance that the opponent is good at methods,Can be prepared。
If it’s suddenly used by unknown means,Can hit the opponent by surprise。
“Red Lotus Sovereign?It’s him,Once in 600 thousand years,Killed a world god peak powerhouse,Suspected of practicing a secret technique《Yan Chi Xuan Yan》,Now the strength is unknown。”Li Ming was also a little surprised,He also met Sovereign Gulian。
but,At that time,He is barely as strong as the world,The status and strength are very different from the Red Lotus Sect Master, who was already the highest in the world at that time.。
As for now?Li Ming is sure to defeat him!
“‘Baimeng World God’,Good at illusion,field,The signature trick is the vast field of light!”General Hui Lei frowned,This one also fought her,Although hard power may not be better than her,But every time she suffers from restraint!
“‘Li Ya World God’,Good at melee combat,Sword and sword,The attack is terrible。”The chaos fairy looked at the intelligence in his hand,But indifferent in the eyes。Although he is a chaotic fairy,But the best thing to deal with is this terrible melee。
Close combat,It’s no use not being close。
And a similar scene,The same happened on a flying boat of the Great Desolate God Sect,
The only difference is,The god of desolation did it himself,Take people to the land of the fight。
after all,With his strength,Don’t worry about other people’s siege。