Chen Xiaoju smiled and said:“Stop it,He went in again,I want him to bully me and I won’t be bullied”
Wang Youcai listened,Asked a little surprised:“what did you say?Zou Yong, he went in again,For what?”
“Fight!His temperament determines his fate。Just hurt me,What do you think I should do for the rest of my life?”Chen Xiaoju smiled sadly at Wang Youcai。
Chief Wang Youcai asked in a breath:“What are you doing now?Is the small restaurant still open??Which brother is you?Is he messing around?Times have changed,Society has changed。The era of fighting and killing has long passed”
“open ah!What shall we eat。Chen Xiaodong is fine, right?!He found a woman,Just married not long ago。I gave him all this restaurant,I go there every day to eat。Don’t talk about it,A woman named Ma Hongfang asked you,She said she lost her phone,No more your number”Chen Xiaoju said,Tie Ran turned the topic around。
Wang Youcai listened,I can’t help but frown。This woman has been in contact with him for a long time,He thought this woman ran away with someone,I didn’t expect to be in Pingdu。
“Oh!Her!What is she doing now?”Wang Youcai’s pretending to be calm,Asked with a faint smile。
Chen Xiaoju turned her head and pointed with her hand:“The alley in front。There is a mahjong hall,I played cards with her just now。I lost the money and came out,She should still be inside”
No wonder Chen Xiaoju’s face is so ugly,I just lost money。Wang Youcai shook his head,Secretly cursed“Dog heart can’t eat shit”It seems that this sentence is not false at all。
“How much lost,I give you。Look at your face as ugly as a dead person”Wang Youcai feels painful to Chen Xiaoju,All he can do。I think when they were together,Still very happy。Anyway,He also slept for a long time。
Chen Xiaoju smiled and said:“What do you mean, boss Wang!You are supporting me!forget it!Have money and save some flowers,It’s not easy to make some money,You should be a family too”Chen Xiaoju finished,Turned away。
Wang Youcai called her several times,But Chen Xiaoju just didn’t look back。This woman went in,It’s really a big change。She used to,Just look happy,When I heard Wang Youcai gave her money,She’s not happy yet。But today she,I’m no longer interested in what Wang Youcai said。