Among the 噼噼 响,Summer a boxing in the chest of one person。
This guy has no sound,After spurting a large mouth of blood,Dicker on the spot。
The rest of the three people are not strong.,Summer double boxing and legs,Like the rain point generally intensive,It is like a heavy hammer。
噼噼啪 啪 响 响 声 声,They can’t resist at all,Finally, all have been flying out.。
Period,At the same time, there are several guards who have a guard.。
But they can’t make a threat to the summer.。
His speed and strength,It’s just a stunned。
When I saw the summer jumped,Half air kicking five legs,When the five guards kicked out,Ena and Harris’s face are extremely done,It is also difficult to see the pole。
Their eyesight,Naturally seen a lot of differences。
Although there is no shrine in summer,Nothing exquisible move,But the two judges,This guy in front of you,At least a ban on the middle and late,
Prohibition,Equivalent to Huaxia’s supreme realm。
Both people look at each other,I saw the shock in my eyes.。
Certainty,Shocking,But only this。
Although many of these guards are seriously injured,But also test the strength of each other。
Think here,Ena is going to stop。
But just at this time,A drink。
Vigorous voice,Deafening,Simulation。
Ena and Harris are looking back now。
The guards who are ready to continue also stopped their shape.。
On the arch bridge to the square,The old old Oliver under the huge cluster of more than a dozen people,Hurriedly。
“Mr. Xia,You are too arrogant.。”
Seeing his father,Euna face,Calendar,“We regard you as a distinguished guest,You are so unreasonable,I am leaning up in the Hall of the His Hall to hurt us so many guards.……”
Harris eyes next to it flash,Immediately take a step,Drink,“Do you think that there is a saint to support the waist?,Today, I want to pay attention to Monica.。”
Summer picking your eyebrows,Smile,I can’t see it on my face is anger.,Diverse,“You can really be shameless.。”
Ena and Harris’s face changed,And after the laughter。
“What happened。”
The old old Oliver is a big step.。
Looking at the ground,The face is sinking to the extreme,Then the latter pair of shackles stared at the summer,“Is you playing?”
Summer slowed over,The face is a smile of human livestock,Nodded,“I am me。”
“Let go!”