On June 23rd, the top 5 oblique wells to the export section of 2753 meters over 851 days. On August 20th, the No. 2 oblique well large miles to the 3rd oblidered small miles 2265 meters over 811 days. On November 2nd, the No. 3 oblique well to the 4th surface of the crossing is 2385 meters over 831 days. … Currently, Xiangshan Tunnel has been taken into kilometers, and there are remaining kilometers. Behind this tunnel, behind the news, carrying the efforts and struggles of the first-line young commanders of the China Railway Engineering Bureau Zhonglan Railway. The Zhonglan Railway Xiangshan Tunnel is located in the depths of Ningxia Zhongwei Xiangshan. It often encounters no way, no water, no electricity, no network signal. Recently, it has increased significantly to the tunnel construction.

  The Xiangshan Tunnel is full of kilometers, which is the longest tunnel of the Zhonglan Railway, and it is also the first long tunnel in the Northwest. The geology is complex and more varied, crossing 9 breaks, 4 shallow rich water segments, the most shallow buddle is only 19 meters. In the face of this difficult problem, the Project Department invaded 12 average ages of young arrivals in March this year, and practiced practical exploration of construction difficulties. "Xiangshan Tunnel No. 1 oblique direction is rich in weak glue sandstone section, surrounding rock is flowing, broken, a piece of pinches, this is like a hole in the sand, this is like this … The challenge of ‘world-class’ puzzle, we have confidence to solve it! "China Railway Beijing Engineering Bureau Zhonglan Railway Youth Association said Qi Shuzhi.

  The youth assault team members were rounded 24 hours a day, surrounding the surrounding rocks were measured, surveillance and analyze, and pre-propelled the geological conditions of the working surface in front of the previous, and actively responded to the collapse, spring water.

Continuously optimize the construction plan, can’t do it once, then do three times, four times, six times, six times … more than 1200 hours, use the practice to demonstrate nearly 10 special programs, and finally find the crack method, surface precipitation curtain The construction process of the slurry has achieved significant results in the flow segment.

When the first cycle succeeded, all players shouted: "Success! Our first cycle is successful, surrounding rock is stable!" This breakthrough solves the landslide during the excavation of weak layers. Puzzle, ensuring that the work surface is well stable, and the surrounding rock is reinforced. Xue Jie said: "The temperature in the tunnel in June is sometimes up to more than 40 degrees Celsius. Everyone in the hole is wet, and the clothes can be screwed out when the holes can be screwed.

The tunnel is a closed space, and the air is mixed with a thick rock dust. The sound is magnified several times. The noisy noise has been in the mind … but we don’t have a person to retreat! "These boys can eat bitterness, no matter whether they need, one phone, they can also arrive in the first time as long as they need it. Their most obvious sign is a pair of bunxia ‘rabbit eyes.

As of early November, the flowers of the Xiangshan Tunnel No. 1 diagonal well to the second diagonal surface have been taken into the breakthrough rice. There is such a young team who can fight hard, I believe there is no difficulty. "Li Jun, Project Manager, said.

  12 young people practiced "special can be able to work, especially able to fight, special dedication, special learning, especially able to create" youth, the charge, use passion to meet challenges, use wisdom to overcome difficulties, Promote project construction with youth and sweat.

  Xiangshan Tunnel is expected to be completed in 2022. After the Zhonglan Railway is completed, the runtime of Zhongwei to Lanzhou will be shortened by the current 5 hours. (Reporter He Nijiang).