It’s noon time,Sunny,Sun,There are no people on the small road in the village,Good time at this time。The car turned two turns,Stopped in front of a colorful bungalow,Li Tianchou raised his eyes,It really is a supermarket,Letter,“Miaotang New Century Supermarket”。
Everyone jumped out of the car,The middle-aged man is faster,Pulling Li Tianchou into the supermarket gate first。
There is a lot of space inside,There are also many shelves,Luxuriant goods,Such a scale in this village should be able to be afforded by super rich owners。But there are no customers inside,It might be noon,Too hot。
A middle-aged woman dozing off by the cash register,I stumbled upon someone coming in,I thought it was a buyer,About to get up to say hello,But he was pressed onto the seat,“Look at her。”Mengzi casually ordered,I walked quickly behind the middle-aged man。
The middle-aged man is obviously very familiar with the situation here,Dragging Li Tianchou to the innermost supermarket,There is an inconspicuous little door closed tightly。Middle-aged man says nothing,Leg lift is a kick,Bang,The little door opened。
Inside the small door is a small warehouse,Full of goods,Further in,The warehouse has a back door open,Outside the door is a small courtyard with a pergola,Flowers and plants,Very tidy。
Under the pergola,Four people are playing mahjong,The table is full of banknotes and cigarettes,Looks lively。I suddenly saw the middle-aged man and others rushing in,An older fat bald man sitting on the top jumped up in shock,The other three turned around and couldn’t help being surprised。
“Lai Scar,I’m very interested。”The middle-aged man pushed Li Tianchou aside while talking。
“Liu Jia Xiaosan,Uninvited,What can I find uncle??”The fat bald quickly regained his composure,Scan the group of people who rushed in,Most of them are familiar,From the neighboring village。
“What kind of confusion??Xiaosan, let’s talk about the house,Uncle is used to bullying,Have a bad memory,We had a fight this morning?”Liu Jia Xiaosan said he put the wooden stick in his hand on the table,Bang,The mahjong tiles were shaken out。
The fat bald laughed,Reached out and lit a cigarette,Sat down on the chair again,“I have nothing to talk about。I will take back the house,Don’t be unhappy,For your sake,I asked you to collect rent for a few years,The hand counting the bills is soft, kid?Just accept,Don’t get into it。”
“Lai Scar,Stop talking with one mouth,Ruthless。But like you said,Don’t get into it,The house belongs to my old Liu’s,Who the hell do you charge?For my father’s sake,I let you,But don’t think my mistress is a soft guy。”
“Haha,You brought so many people to scare Uncle?When you wear open pants,Uncle even pinched your chicken,Ha ha,It’s not easy to play with Uncle。Uncle put it down here,Get out immediately,Otherwise, don’t blame Uncle for not showing any affection。”The fat bald observing the facial expressions of some neighboring villagers,I immediately regained my confidence。
The blue veins on the forehead of Liu’s Primary 3 skyrocket,Anger hits the top of his forehead,But he suddenly forcibly held back。There is no point in the argument,As long as the house is,There is always a way in the future,So we must first figure out why today is here,“I just ask a question,Are you going to push the house and rebuild it??”
The fat bald didn’t expect the other party to have this question,A big client just wanted to rent a house this morning,Scheduled to rebuild,But the horoscope hasn’t been written yet。Could this stupid big man hear the wind so soon?
Fatty glanced at everyone again,His eyes stayed on Li Tianchou for a moment,This kid looked at him,But he didn’t think much,The more important thing is to be too confident,These young people can’t do anything in front of him,Did two in the morning,The food is like shit,He played soot very smartly,“Haha,My nephew is well informed,The house is mine,Do what i like,do you have any opinion?”
“Lai Scar,You have to dare to move the house,I’m desperate with you。”Liu Jiaxiaosan got the confirmation,Also unambiguous,Raise the wooden stick in your hand,“You are not fake,I don’t want to eat your set,Don’t believe you try。”
I have to do it now,Three people playing mahjong have different reactions,Two back to prepare,One forward,He grabbed Liu’s little San by the hand and tried to persuade him to fight,Unexpectedly, the angry mistress thought the other party was about to do it,I stretched my foot and kicked the man and ate the shit,“Fuck them numbly!”