“you!”Aunt listened to himself, his mission,Even in your mouth is still not clean,Can’t help but help。
However, it is unique to stop the unique arm——“Murong Fu”Martial arts,Not too older than Chu,And people are non-affordable,Not reasoning for them,Still avoid good。
Nine hard martial arts is not weak,Put in the rivers and lakes,It is also a master in the world.,Just because it is committed to the thorn killing,So the reputation is not。
Although Item,But even if it is full of time,True hand with nine,Winning and negative is also between two。
“Thank you, Buli, the main shot,Before Chu League saved me two disciples,Future and thank you,Today, I will shoot it for the poor.,Really grateful。”Nine hard and standing portrait。
The nine isas are brought,after all……Before Chu Dee,It is the same that she doesn’t feel.!
Plus“Murong Fu”Finally challenge……
certainly,Improvised in nine,More, it is speculated that Chu is too old to come to his disciples.。
Changed to ten years ago,“A nine”It is also in the palace.、Dress up as a husband,But now the past ten years……
Nine hard hearts,What do you think,Affirmation is also coming towards your own disciples.,after all……Is the daughter of the fox!
But as a tool for revenge,Nine hard, I don’t want it to be stared at others.,So with some alienation。
Fortunately, in nine, in other positions,There is no emperor of Chu,Especially Wu Sangui jumped with the foot of the foot.,This makes nine difficulties more enjoyed。
“Nine people are too polite,This ruling mountain is especially evil,Master’s identity leak,If you don’t want to cooperate with the Raolong Villa,It is best to leave the Song Ting。”Chu Deirers sincerely recommend。
I heard the Chu Deirers really knew my identity.,Obviously it is just right aside,Nine difficult for more alert。
“Thank you, Chu Yong reminded。”
Nine difficulties have been prepared for the worst,If Chu is too old, you must be entangled.,She will leave Aunt.!
However, the Chu Deirers are just a sound.,After that, I will hold farewell.,Instead, the nine is difficult to look at,I feel that I will look at the Auntie.,But fortunately, it is not entangled.。
I don’t know,Chu Deirers are actually anxious to see Murongjiu,“save”They are the way.……
And I am interested,Also interested in nine——Interesting《God change》,And her wonderful internal strength。
But just interested,There is still a matter of work now,Chu Deiren naturally wants to find Murongjiu first。
Not in the nine heart,Positive and air fighting,Chu Deirers have been chasing Murongjiu……
Murong Jiuke,Two words don’t say,It is in this bones.,The fossil is sprayed through the participants.,Point to Chu Deirers。
Chu Deirers are busy running up Qiankun noctitude,Bottom,A hidden big tree is just awkward,It is not only broken.,And surrounded by aze——The substance itself is not changed.,However, the structure has been affected。
“No one around。”Chu Deirers quickly reminded a sentence。
“Humph!”Murong nine white,After the dismantling,A few steps,I asked alienation:“Chu Lee is not going to accompany you.、Brothers,Come to find me??”
at this time“Murong Fu”Look,If you are seen,I am afraid that I can make up the corruption of hundreds of thousands of words.……
“you……Angry?”Chu Deirers found。
After receiving a few times,Murong Jiuyi is reluctant to come down——Aunt, still big events。