Your kidney is weak

Swollen eyes in the morning?
Your kidney is weak

Eyelid swelling in the morning is not kidney deficiency but lung qi deficiency.

Some people often get up in the morning with eyelid swelling. It is rumored in the folk that getting up in the morning with eyelid swelling is a manifestation of kidney deficiency, so these people start to nourish the kidney.

The lungs occupy the highest position in the viscera. In traditional Chinese medicine, the lungs are the source of the water, and the skin of the lungs is the main body. When the lungs are deficient, the water and liquid metabolism are dysregulated, and the eyelids will swell in the morning.

Improvement method: use a small amount of almonds and a bit of rice dumplings to boil water to drink, you can ease.

  Swollen eyelids and lower limbs may be kidney disease.

The kidney of traditional Chinese medicine and the kidney of western medicine cannot be equal. Kidney deficiency is not necessarily nephritis, and nephritis usually has kidney deficiency.

People with poor kidney function will get swollen eyelids and lower limbs at the same time when they get up in the morning.

  Back pain is not necessarily kidney deficiency.

Many middle-aged men are frightened when they have a backache and think that their kidneys are weak.

In fact, there are many types of back pain. If it is pain in the middle of the waist, it may be a fracture of the vertebral vertebrae. If it is painful in stages, it may also be old muscles of the waist or lumbar fibritis.

The common symptoms of kidney deficiency in men and women are: soft lumbar spine, fatigue, weakness of both lower limbs, dull head, men’s morning eruption, and menstrual disorders in women.

These are the warnings of kidney deficiency, but can be conditioned by traditional Chinese medicine.