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Bai Fangfang walked up to her mother and choked, "Mommy, I want to go home. We’ll go home now."

Ling mother see Bai Fangfang this expression know that Lele made Bai Fangfang angry again. She couldn’t help but face a heavy "Fangfang Xu Yang that smelly little bully you again? You wait for me to teach him a lesson. "
Bai Fangfang hurriedly shook his head. "Don’t blame Xu Yang if it’s not grandma Ling. I want to go home myself."
Ling mother didn’t expect Bai Fangfang, such a small child, to learn to maintain Lele. She couldn’t help loving Bai Fangfang a little more. She looked at Bai Fangfang lovingly and said, "Fangfang, you are a good boy. You are sitting here in no hurry to go back. No one with Grandma Ling wants to bully you."
Bai Fangfang was still red-eyed, coaxing Bai Fangfang’s mother Ling and letting her choose some ice cream. Bai Fangfang chose a strawberry ice cream and sat next to her mother Ling to eat ice cream quietly.
After eating sweet ice cream, she finally felt better.
Looking at Bai Fangfang crying and running to Yan Yan here, I can’t help but look at Lele’s small tunnel. "Brother Yang, you cried that sister. Will Grandma Ling scold you later?"
Lele pie pie "too lazy to ignore her and let’s continue to play"
Lele feels much more comfortable without Bai Fangfang. Anyway, when he sees Bai Fangfang, he feels all kinds of eyesores. That woman is too good at pretending to be in front of her elders, and in front of her classmates, she hates that kind of girl who is duplicity.
What’s more, that Bai Fangfang dares to say that he is uneducated. This is the last thing he can bear. He is good in everything in his eyes. He can’t let others say that she is not good. In his eyes, Bai Fangfang can’t even compare with a hair.
Yan Yan nodded and was about to continue the puzzle when the toy door was pushed open. Yan Yan looked up and saw that Xiaoxu had just learned to walk and walked in.
"Xu ran, you’re here. Come and play puzzles with your sister." Yan Yan saw Xiaoxu but hurriedly walked over and pulled him.
Xiaoxu has left all the advantages of his parents. He is very cute and handsome. Yan Yan likes him very much.
Xiaoxu ran to see grandma Yan Yan angrily shouting a sister and then shouting Lele’s brother.
There is a big age gap between Lele and his younger brother. Many times Lele takes his younger brother with him, so they have a good relationship.
The three children sat together and had a good time. Lele and Yanyan have forgotten Bai Fangfang.
It was already evening when Lele and others went upstairs, and Bai Fangfang had already gone home by this time.
Ling mother couldn’t help sighing when she saw Lele holding Yan Yan in one hand and Xu Ran in the other. "Xu Yang just doesn’t like Bai Fangfang. Bai Fangfang is quite a girl."
Lele curled her lips at Ling’s mother’s words and said, "Why can’t I see it?"
If everyone can applaud girls like Bai Fangfang, there will be no bad girls in this world.
Ling mother nai shook her head. She looked at the girl who was holding hands with Lele. Yan Yan seemed to have lost something in her heart. Maybe all the girls in Lele’s eyes are worthless except Yan Yan.
Looking at Yan Yan Ling’s mother, who is less than three years old, I can’t help but feel a little worried. Yan Yan is only three years old, but Lele is almost ten years old and has become sensible. He regards Yan Yan so important because she doesn’t like Lele when she grows up. What should she do?
Ling mother knows that she is worried about these things now, and now she can look forward to Lele entering Yan Yan’s heart.
Yan Yan has been thinking about swimming, so Lele took Yan Yan to swim, but Xu Ran was too young. Lele had to teach Yan Yan to swim, so he could sit next to him and watch.
Lingfu and Lingmu accompanied Xu Ran to sit on a bench on the shore and quietly looked at the two children playing in the water with satisfied smiles on their faces.
At this moment, the car coming from the yard will ring soon and you will see Yun Qianfan coming with Ling Zhiyue.
Ling mother see ling zhi month hurriedly get up "zhi month how did you come back? Tell me when you come back, so that I can have someone prepare soup for you. "
Ling mother was very happy when she learned that her daughter was pregnant. She was pregnant at a young age and married a good man like Yun Qianfan. She was really pleased.
"Mom, you’re not busy. My mother-in-law cooks food for me at home every day. I can’t get hungry. Have you noticed that I’m getting fat now?"
Ling mother looked at Ling Zhiyue, and she looked really richer than before. She laughed, "You are pregnant and fat."
Yun Qianfan carefully held Ling Zhiyue and sat down to greet Ling’s mother politely. Ling’s mother looked at Yun Qianfan, and it was more and more satisfying.
Now Yun Qianfan is mature and stable, and has a successful career. It is even more considerate to take care of his wife. Ling Zhiyue’s marriage to Yun Qianfan is really like falling into a happy nest.
Such a son-in-law estimates that no mother-in-law will dislike it.
Now before work, Yun Qianfan accompanied Ling Zhiyue back to her parents’ home. Ling’s mother couldn’t help looking at Ling Zhiyue and saying, "Zhi Yue, if you want to go home, you can tell your mother to let the driver pick you up. Don’t always influence thousands of workers. It’s not easy for him to fight for the whole family."
Before Ling Zhiyue came to answer Yun Qianfan, she said, "Mom, don’t worry. Zhi Yue is very sensible. She won’t affect my work. It’s because I don’t worry that she has to follow her."
Ling’s mother couldn’t help smiling at Yun Qianfan’s words. She looked at Yun Qianfan with a face of love. "It’s reassuring to see your young couple have such a good day."
Section 314
Ling mother got up. "You sit down. I’ll go to the kitchen and ask people to prepare more delicious food. Your brother and sister-in-law should come back later."
Ling’s mother went to the kitchen, and Yun Qianfan sat and chatted with Ling’s father. Ling Zhiyue played with Xu Ran on the shore, and Xu Ran kept looking at the swimming pool. Obviously, he was eager to swim with his brothers and sisters.
Ling Zhiyue touched his head in judo. "Xu Ran, don’t worry. When you are older, you can go swimming with your brother and sister."
Xiaoxu looked at Ling Zhiyue with injustice and suddenly cried as soon as Wow. It is estimated that he was wronged in his heart. When Yan Yan didn’t come, Lele would hold Xiaoxu to play in the water, but now that Yan Yan has come, Lele can’t take care of two children in the water, so he neglected his brother. He must feel that his brother is not happy to take others to play with him.
At this time, Ling Mohan and Xia Yuyao came back. They just heard the child crying when the car was far away. Xia Yuyao quickly came over and she picked up Xiaoxu but asked softly, "Why is Xu Ran crying?"
Xu Ran saw Xia Yuyao crying even more sadly. Ling Zhiyue hurriedly explained, "It is estimated that Xu Yang didn’t take him swimming. He was angry and the little guy had a big temper."
Xia Yuyao pinched her nose and chuckled, "Well, stop crying. Daddy’s back. Mommy asked Daddy to take you swimming, okay?"
Xiaoxu listened to Xia Yuyao’s words, but his tears immediately closed up. He looked forward to coming towards them. Ling Mo Han just heard Xia Yuyao’s words, so he turned and went back to change clothes.
After a while, Ling Mohan changed his swimsuit and came out. He picked up Xiaoxu and took him into the swimming pool to play with water. The little guy was finally happy this time.
桑拿会所Xia Yuyao and Ling Zhiyue sat on the shore and listened to the children’s laughter. Their faces were full of satisfaction.
Ling Zhiyue looked at Xia Yuyao and said with emotion, "Sister-in-law is lucky to have you, otherwise our family wouldn’t be so good."