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When feng Chen turned away, she couldn’t help but look at it again.

Feng Chen’ an is twenty-five years old this year, or genius doctor, a brain scientist, is young and handsome, not to mention his family background, and Feng Grandpa and Feng Grandma are also quite worried about his personal problems; At the age of twenty-three, vivian Ma still has a childish temper, but he is beautiful and gets along well with Feng Chenan.
It would be nice if these two people could really be together.
Gao Xiaoxiao thought about this possibility in his heart and suddenly he was looking forward to it.
So when Han Shao came to the ward to meet people an hour later, Gao Xiaoxiao got up and left very quickly.
I’m worried that vivian will be lonely in the ward alone, but since there is Feng Chen ‘an, there should be no problem, right?
Vivian seemed to be very happy, waved and said, "Goodbye sister and brother-in-law, goodbye white!"
Seal Chen An sent three people to the front of the ladder door. Gao Xiaoxiao smiled and asked, "Chen An, my sister will trouble you to take care of it."
"No problem, take care of me!" Feng Chen’ an patted his chest and turned away in the sunshine.
When a family of three got into the car, Gao Xiaoxiao couldn’t help talking about it.
Who knows that Han Shu "tut" said "don’t misfits"
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao wonder "how is misfits? I really think they are a good match. "
Han Shu drove out Gherardini said "very match? How can you tell? "
"The two of them get along very well. Feng Chen ‘an’s family is good and handsome, but my sister is not bad. Why not?" Gao Xiaoyu said
"Ha ha"-"They are not suitable"
His attitude is not very good. After a while, Gao Xiaoxiao got a little temper and opened his mouth and said, "Do you think my sister deserves Chen An?"
Han Shu frowned. "That’s not what I meant."
"Then what do you mean?" Gao Xiaoxiao followed closely.
For a while, tut tut tut, for a while, hehe, sarcasm is no good.
Han Shu lowered his "cough" and put his tone right. "Xiao An is still young. Are you really willing to get married and have children so soon?"
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao looked at him not to talk.
Although the in the mind also recognized this statement.
"And his personality is not suitable for vivianvivian himself, just like a child and two children together.
Are you playing house with children? Can this day get by? "Han Shan another serious added.
Gao Xiaoxiao smacks the child at the corner of her mouth?
"I know your heart, vivian, but this emotional matter can’t be done by outsiders. Don’t meddle," Han Shu said as if it were an education.
He didn’t say something for fear of hurting her heart by being too blunt.
After all, the family style is so strict that even if you worry about your child’s marriage, you can’t rashly promise these two people together.
Gao Xiaoxiao nodded and thought for a while, then suddenly looked at him and asked, "What do you think vivian is suitable for?"
"…" Han Shu eyebrow bone jumped for half a day before saying "a little mature"
Grow up?
Gao Xiaoxiao nodded in agreement. "Is there anything you can introduce among your friends?"
Han Dong "…"
"Speak" Gao Xiaoxiao fingers gently poked his arm to urge.
Han Shao said seriously, "No, I’m surrounded by some naive men, like Brother Sheng Lu, and you haven’t seen them before."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
桑拿Do you have friends who are so black?
"A-choo!" Yan Nansheng directly sneezed in the office!
"What do you want for lunch?" Han Shu took the opportunity to change the topic successfully.
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Recommend a night of falling wind, rich and powerful army, less secret love addiction.
The first time I met her, she was gay. She almost beat him in front of all the men.
The second time he met her, he recognized her and saw that she was courting his soldiers, so he took her as a man he liked.
The third time I met him, he was a strict instructor in her university. Because he was late on the first day, he decided for the first time to use an iron fist for selfish ends. This’ small’ training made a difference.
Ling Xiaoran asked himself that he was the most skillful and deterrent in a country.
I was famous in the past, but I didn’t expect that one day I almost destroyed a woman’s hand, and I didn’t expect that I would be obsessed with this’ small’ one day!
A month later, he realized that after training for half a month,’ Xiao’ turned out to be a woman!
He was shocked but still couldn’t believe it!
A year and a half later, when watching the rows of training, several bodyguards respectfully shouted their daughter-in-law’ Zhan Shao’ Ling Xiaoran …
☆ 45 You look good like this.
"What do you want for lunch?" Han Shu took the opportunity to change the topic successfully.
Gao Xiaoxiao is still a little depressed and sighed and said, "Whatever."
Han Dong "…"
He picked his eyebrows and looked back in the rearview mirror. "What does Xiaobai want to eat at noon? Tell dad. "
Gao Xiaobai took his eyes back from the window and sipped his mouth and said, "Whatever."