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"Of course I know that it’s not surprising that you are followed by the dark guards according to the degree of Huangfuda’s intention to you, but you won’t wait any longer. Those two guards won’t be able to come for a while, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t wait any longer."

Shui Yun-jin sneer at one. She thought about it for so long before. Ji Qing and Yi Sen didn’t show up yet. It turned out that they were stumped. It seems that Shui Huai-quan really made great efforts this time.
"Hou watched Huangfuda go into the forest to let people send you the letter. This is the royal hunting ground. The forest is so big that you can’t think of it. Since he went in, it’s not so easy to think of it. This time, you will die. I won’t learn those tricks that are not allowed to be framed and planted on you. It’s painless for you. You have to wait until today, and finally such a good time has come."
Shui Huaiquan asked herself that today is the best time, and she was lucky that he tried so hard to deal with Shui Yunjin.
"How long have you prepared for today?" Shuiyunjin glanced at Shuihuaiquan disdainfully.
If you don’t know that Shuihuaiquan is a sinister and shameful person, Shuiyunjin might praise him. This is the outskirts of Beijing. First of all, you can avoid a lot of troubles and eyeliner riding and shooting. After that, the practice is that everyone will go hunting in the Woods and leave some civil servants and wives with them. Shuihuaiquan is sure of this. When Huangfuda enters the Woods, people will stumble, and Yisen and Jiqing will lead themselves to come. Everything is natural.
He put everyone away. Now, even if people kill and set fire to it, no one will know. Then he will put all the blame on Prime Minister Bu, and one more move to kill people will win the game.
"It wasn’t long before you were a scourge. I couldn’t live a day without you. You had to die. Since that bowl of poison failed to kill you, it’s necessary for me to take it back now." Such a shameful remark was taken for granted by Shui Huaiquan.
Shuiyunjin glanced at Shuihuaiquan coldly. He was afraid that one day his evil deeds would be exposed. He even dared to kill himself. Naturally, it was a thorn in his side. She withdrew her eyes and stopped looking at Shuihuaiquan, but looked at the man in black beside him. This man seems to be the leader of the killer. "How much money did he give you? I will give it to you twice."
Shui Huai-quan’s face turned blue to this point. Shui Yun-jin can still hold her breath. She would be whimsical to hit a killer with her idea.
The leader in black felt fresh after being surprised by Zheng. It was the first time he heard such interesting words. He really laughed. "The killer kills people without asking the source, the reason and the result. Seeing silver, but although we are rebellious in the Jianghu, we also know that if you accept silver, you have to do it. If you don’t die today, you will give twice as much silver to the villain, and the villain will obey your command to kill."
Shuiyunjin sneers that a killer can argue with her so confidently, but it sounds a little interesting.
Shui Huai-quan gave Shui Yun-jin a contemptuous stare and wanted to pick and choose. Unfortunately, she is still a little tender. "You will never give you a break if you don’t worry about it."
"I will definitely live well if I don’t watch you die," Shuiyun Park replied weakly.
Shui Huai-quan snorted. He looked at the black leader around him. "You can never let her get out alive here, otherwise neither you nor I will have a good game."
"Don’t worry, it’s not the first time for you and me to get together. It was much more difficult than it is now more than ten years ago. It can all be done. It’s just a little girl this time."
The leader in black, otherwise he will look left and right, and there will be a delicate woman in front of him, and everyone around her will come to rescue him. It’s a bit of a fuss to ask him to kill a little girl with dozens of brothers himself.
These words fell into the water, but Yunjin’s ears made her look tight and shocked. It was more than ten years ago.
In addition to this time, there is another time when they are not married for the first time. She vaguely feels that the truth will be completely solved fifteen years ago, and there should be a result.
"Don’t be careless. If she is really so easy to deal with me, she will invite you out of the mountain again." Shuihuai Spring sank and woke up.
The leader in black has a smile on his face. He can see that he is cautious and worried in his eyes. At least there are some famous people in the Jianghu who can invite him to kill himself. He is either rich or expensive, but it seems that he is careless to ask him to kill a little girl today.
"You can rest assured that I took people’s money for nothing to eliminate disasters."
Shuihuaiquan nodded his head for a moment, then he looked at Shuiyunjin and lifted his feet to leave.
Shuiyunjin watched Shuihuaiquan leave her face and said nothing. Looking back, she saw that it was the black leader Gherardini.
"According to my temper, I have always disdained to kill a weak woman. It seems that I will break the precepts today."
Water cloud park looked at him wantonly puffed up and didn’t speak.
"You don’t look like a timid person facing us who kill people without batting an eye, and I haven’t seen you show half cowardice. Then I’ll give you a decent way to die. You can solve it yourself." The black leader’s eyes were somewhat appreciative. He took out a dagger from his sleeve and threw it at Shuiyunjin’s feet.
Shuiyunjin looked down at her eyes and narrowed her eyes. She always felt that she was the kind of person who knew the truth well, but she never disdained to do such a stupid self-harm thing as letting her kill herself. She still cherished her life.
"It seems that you are not very clever. Since you are not well-advised, don’t blame me. We don’t know how to be passionate about jade." The black leader’s cold words fell behind his big hand, and the black man flew up and pointed his sword at Shuiyun Park.
Shuiyunjin looked at the knife and came straight at her chest, still deadpan.
Just as everyone was staring at Shuiyunjin’s share of indifference in a crisis, Lin Han came from the horizon. He hurried to the corner of the sky and kicked the black man out. He heard "bang" when a black man smashed the stone mouth on the slope.
The leader in black looked at the one foot and he was already dead. In the eyes of his hand, he saw Lin Han falling into the water. He was livid and got news from Shuihuaiquan. He had stopped everyone around Shuiyunjin. How could there be another one?
Moreover, the bearer’s martial arts are unfathomable, and he is full of Shaqi. It seems very difficult to deal with people who have been killed for a long time.
"Who are you? I didn’t find you."
"Don’t Shuihuaiquan and Prime Minister Bu never wake you up? Maybe they don’t even know that there are people following me. Today you made a mistake." Shuiyunjin sneered.
When she received the letter from Shui Huaiquan, she knew that it was bound to be dangerous today. Shui Huaiquan had to deal with her. Naturally, she didn’t want more people to find out, and Yi Sen and Ji Qing were walking in front of ordinary people. Shui Huaiquan and others were bound to try to trap them.
Only when he can let Shui Huai-quan’s scruples not be threatened will he let go and boldly expose all the secrets to the sun. She will come to Lin Han alone, and she will come here in a hurry when she should be rescued from Chen. Fortunately, it’s not too late. It’s just the right time.
桑拿"That’s not necessarily even if his martial arts is no matter how good he is, he is also a person. I can’t believe that so many of us can’t cope with him." The black leader’s face is much more dignified than before, so he can’t dismiss this girl.