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"Fool, this is not a good place either. What are you doing in here?"

"Then tell me what let her in?" That she naturally refers to Yin Qingrou. He doesn’t want to play dumb with her. She can see clearly that Yin Qingrou has come and gone.
The man got up when he got into bed, and when he got behind her, he bent over and wrapped his body around her neck. His body bent into a semicircle and his face turned upside down. She was relatively "jealous?"
"You’re jealous." Take the wine and praise him in the face. "You’re a bad guy." But the two faces are too close. He’s wet, and she’s wet. The smell of wine overflows. The atmosphere around the two people is ambiguous as soon as they cooperate with the two people.
He also bent down and kissed her face from behind in that strange posture, licking her cheek. The wine was mellow and mellow. "Seven red wine girls can’t wave."
"Sloppy" Lan Jingyi smiled, and her little face was full of bright smiles. She was really amused by him. "You are bad."
"What can I do? I don’t want to let you go again." He admitted that she came and he couldn’t help wanting her again.
"Cold" hand reached out and pushed him "I’m hungry"
"The wine is still there. It’s good to say no more waves." He seems to have licked her little face seriously. He really licked all the wine on her face. Well, put his face to her lips. "Well, I want tens of thousands of dollars for this bottle of wine, housewife. If you wave, you will be punished."
"Karma will pay for who made you so bad."
"Well, I’ll help you." I can’t stop rubbing my cheek against her lips, and it slowly brings up the mania in her body. She really can’t stand his behavior and his posture. His face is blunt. "Can’t you kiss well?" Which have such "she muttered.
"OK" The male body suddenly pulled up Lan Jingyi, and then sat down on the dining chair with a big thorn. She sat down on a chair, so she had no place to sit. He simply sat down and hugged Lan Jingyi again and sat on his thigh. She wanted to struggle, but she couldn’t compete. She was always the loser.
He carefully separated her leg and put it on the side of his leg. Lan Jingyi sat on his thigh like a child. "I’m hungry too." I put a meal in her mouth and then a bite of food.
"I’ll eat it myself."
"But I also want to eat." After feeding her, he also ate, moving naturally and smoothly, without any hesitation because she had just passed.
"Why a pair of chopsticks?" Lan Jingyi was awkward and found a pair of chopsticks on the table at this time.
"The delivery man didn’t expect that there would be one more person in my room. Why don’t you want to call the sky?" Teasing, he gave her a food entrance to "eat well"
"Which come food? Sent outside? " If the food in the detention center is so good, she won’t believe it.
It is said that there are wowotou
However, now, Wowotou is more expensive than rice, and corn flour is more expensive. It’s a moment of truth that I want to eat Wowotou.
"Why didn’t you want to leave long ago?" He smiled and took another bite of food to feed her.
Awkward, but she can’t help it. She’s hungry, and he’s hungry. It’s only fair to take a bite. "No, I’ll go back and let my aunt steam it for me after dinner."
"Ok, don’t eat now, save your belly and go back to eat." Jiang Junyue eats it and leaves her alone.
Hunger hasn’t disappeared yet. Eating these mouthfuls has stirred up the greedy worms in her stomach and made her even hungrier. "Give it to me" grabbed his chopsticks and ate it. "I want my aunt to make me a steamed corn bun the day after tomorrow."
"The cat was greedy for that bite." Jiang Junyue is very vocal. What people here hate most is Wowotou.
"Brother Yue asked if you had any more tonight?"
"Busy" holding her hand and eating a mouthful of food with her chopsticks, he is not hungry, but he just likes her to grab and eat like this. He has been alone for several days and he is bored to death.
"The boss said that if you beat this man today, your woman can stay as long as she wants."
"Okay, we’ll be there in ten minutes."
"What are you going to do? Hit people? " Lan Jingyi suddenly remembered that the scene of Jiang Junyue fighting with Cheng Qingyang in Cheng Qingyang Boxing Hall was a little worried.
"Well, I hit people, not people. I don’t have to worry about eating well. I’ll be right back," he said, getting up and leaving.
"Take me with you." Lan Jingyi caught his big hand and wouldn’t let it go. She was worried about him. She also wanted to see how to fight in this detention center. It must be scary.
"Stay here and finish the meal. That’s a man’s game, which is not suitable for women." Jiang Junyue chuckled that people in the detention center were too busy to chat with the prisoners, so he came up with such a boxing game. Although it was entertaining in nature, it was cruel in quality. Most people here were hard-working and fought with people here. If they were not careful, they would be black and blue, and if it was light or heavy, they would lose their half-life.
But this place is just a heartbeat.
He is not afraid of such bloody scenes, and he is used to such scenes, but he doesn’t allow his own women to see such scenes.
"I want to go" Lan Jingyi begged her to be curious, and the most important thing was that she didn’t trust him.
"No, you’re not from here. Didn’t you make it difficult for me to be a man? It would be bad if someone found out that you were from outside."
Lan Jingyi nodded when he thought about what he said. "Well, I won’t go, but you have to promise me that you won’t get hurt or fight with people, okay?"
"Oh, I’ve never lost before. Don’t be so insecure about your man." He pinched her nose and "ate."
Lan Jingyi turned his head and buried his little face in his chest, listening to his strong heartbeat. This moment was so satisfying. If it wasn’t for dad, they would have been together
Holding hands around his skirts, he refused to let go. It was so hard to wait for him outside that she finally met him. She really didn’t want him to leave for a minute.
"Have a good dinner, I have to go out, or call me again later. Hehe, you are a man with great charm."
"Smelly" she JiaoChen a word this just removed from his arms and jumped his thigh Jiang Junyue got up and walked to the front of the bed. When he was lifted, he took out a set of white fists from his face and naturally began to change his clothes.
"Ah …" Lan Jingyi didn’t expect that he had changed his clothes without showing any signs. He quickly stopped hanging his head and his face was full of blush. "Jiang Junyue, you are sulfur for self-protection." Jiang Junyue undressed too fast. When she looked up and saw him just now, he had left a pair of elastic pants all over his body, and his body made her swallow a mouthful of saliva. His figure looked good.
Jiang Junyue hand carrying boxer shorts turned around and swept to LanJingYi while wearing her, which made him laugh. "It’s not that I haven’t seen it stripped off again, have I? I cann’t believe you’re shy, yi. It seems that you have to have another child. "
桑拿会所"You pervert" Lan Jingyi’s head hung lower. She didn’t dare to look at him, but her heart was sweet. He said that there was still her in her heart. Somehow, even though he didn’t make it clear to her about Yin Qing’s softness, she still believed in him as if two people had a heart in mind. She just believed in him.
He got her in here as soon as she fainted. What did he say?
He always cared for her when she was waiting for him outside.
Smelly men just keep their mouths shut.
Chapter 226 She wants to be strong
Jiang Junyue has changed his boxing and dressed in white. He looks even more Uber than a woman, but he still has a man’s taste. He walks up to her and looks at her with a finger. She is shy and looks at her with a kiss. "Be good and wait for me soon." Then he moved his hand and slowly walked to the door. A sliding door opened and people flashed out, which quickly disappeared from Lan Jingyi’s field of vision.
"Tilt …" She suddenly wanted to ask him how long he said "will be back soon", but he was just about to export to react. He had already gone out. People ran to the iron gate and quietly opened a gap. Outside the cells, they should all be like her. There was a gun a few steps away. The police didn’t know if there was a bullet in the gun and Jiang Junyue had no trace.
He walks so fast.
But she’s afraid to go out. Stay in her room and wait for him to come back. This is no ordinary place. Come in and go out if you want. That’s impossible.
Sitting back to the table, the food was still very rich, but she couldn’t eat it without him anymore.
Just put the chopsticks and lie in his bed and wait for him to come back.
This room is really simple, so that she can kill time, but none of them she likes to watch are almost all military and news. Just browsing through the hobbies of men and women is really very different, but he is a man like this
Look at it for a while, but it’s only been ten minutes. He can’t come back so soon.
So she continued to watch and watched, and she walked slowly for more than two hours in pain.
Lan Jingyi is getting a little impatient. Will boxing take so long?
Remember that Jiang Junyue and Cheng Qingyang didn’t fight for so long in the second boxing hall?
She wants to ask others, but where does she dare to ask people here?
Than dare to walk out this door.
The night is getting deeper and deeper.
Jiang Junyue hasn’t come back yet.