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Never see you again.

Lan Jingyi directly took it out and called Mr. John. "Mr. John said last night that I agreed, and I promised that person that I would never see Jiang Junyue again." Yu Qian tried to find another way. There must be a way out.
Section 3
It’s all the same if the world leaves. Lan Jingyi didn’t cry and didn’t go anywhere. She went straight back to the hospital. "Mom found the kidney source" and told Lan Qing the news as soon as she pushed the door. This is good news for Lan Qing.
"Great, I finally have another chance to wait for your father to come back, hehe."
There are spoony women like mom in this world, or women in this world are so stupid, just like themselves, knowing that that man will not come back and will not appear, but still can’t help but miss him.
The kidney source person is a mysterious person. He refuses to see his mother and himself, and Lan Jingyi can’t help it. The kidney source test of the other party shows that it really matches his mother’s kidney. Lan Jingyi finally signed the agreement and wrote her name by hand. At that moment, her hand trembled slightly, but she still firmly wrote the pen.
The operation is scheduled for half a month.
This time also let Lan Jingyi breathe a sigh of relief. She has to raise 40 thousand euros, which is 300 thousand. For the rich, it’s just a matter of nine Niu Yi hairs, but for Lan Jingyi, it’s really a problem of several cows, but she doesn’t even have one.
Lan Jingyi thought that the first way was to borrow it, but she could borrow it.
Worried that even if I sell blood every day, I can’t come. Seeing that the operation deadline is approaching day by day, a small advertisement on the road attracted all her attention to borrow usury.
She knows it can’t be touched
But that’s a life-saving usury. She must touch it.
If you want to pledge your passport in the past, you can give it to her. Lan Jingyi agreed directly without hesitation.
The more Jiang Jun leaves him, the better she will live.
I haven’t heard from him for almost a month, and I haven’t seen or heard his voice for almost a month, and she has lived to this day.
On the day of the operation, the mysterious kidney donor entered the operating room very early, but Lan Jingyi had no idea who it was. The hospital gave her a confidential job.
It’s just that I wish I could save my mother. Some things can’t be forced if you want to.
The operation is in progress
Lan Jingyi sat in a cold chair and waited silently for Mr. John to come and leave early in the morning. He had a job and said he would come back after the operation.
Holding a cup in hand, Lan Jingyi kept drinking hot water, and the heat would make her feel better. She walked through the torment from morning till night, and the operation was still in progress.
Lan Jingyi drank a glass of water. She was hungry, but she had no appetite. She didn’t want to eat anything. Just be hungry. She wanted to save some money. She owed so much usury, and that money made her often uneasy.
When mom’s surgery is over, she will make money, and she will definitely earn it back. There will be no more trouble from Lu Wentao here.
Thinking with her head down, she felt dizzy. The dizzy feeling made her hold the chair handle quickly, and her eyes began to spin. Generally, she saw someone passing by, and she quickly called for "help me" and then fainted. Lan Jingyi, the outdoor seat of the operating room, knew nothing.
When she woke up, she was lying in the hospital bed, and the infusion was being dripped into the blood vessels. She looked at the nurse and hurriedly said, "Is my mother’s operation over? How is she now? "
"This young lady, your mother’s operation is very successful, and now you are being observed in the intensive care unit. Even if you get up, no one can go in there except doctors and nurses. Besides, you are pregnant, and the fetus is very unstable. If you want to keep the baby, you should stay in bed. If you don’t want the child, you should apply for an operation and have an abortion in less than two months." The nurse quickly said while adjusting the infusion that Lan Jingyi gradually turned blue.
Chapter 74 No news
She has been taking medicine, to be exact, the man gave her medicine, and she also obediently took what after each event, so that she could get pregnant.
What is it?
She can’t figure it out.
But if you are pregnant, doctors and nurses will not play such jokes on her.
Quietly looking at the top of the shed, her mind was lost in chaos, and she could hardly hear what the nurse was saying anymore.
I can’t stop thinking about the news that she is pregnant.
Do you want it?
Does she want this child?
Fortunately, Lanqing ICU, otherwise my mother would be very worried if she saw her like this.
She hasn’t eaten all day again. She added nutrients to the infusion.
The nurse came again. "Have you decided whether to keep the baby or not? If you don’t protect your infusion, it’s also a wave. "
Lan Jingyi’s eyes are sluggish and she turns her head. She owes a lot of money or is it usury? How can she raise this fetus in her womb when she can’t even pay back the money?
Besides, this kid’s father didn’t want to have a baby at all. If it wasn’t for an accident, she wouldn’t have a baby at all.
A grind her light way "arrange abortion"
"Oh, it’s a pity that they are twins. If they are born, they will be more attractive." The nurse shook her head and walked towards the door.
"You … what did you say?" Lan Jingyi stopped the nurse and said, "You said I was pregnant with twins?"
"Well, you can’t tell if it’s a man or a woman. Maybe it’s a twins."
It seems that the twins are what every woman yearns to suffer once, and that is what every mother wants, and Lan Jingyi is no exception.
At this moment, she wants to keep these two children again, no matter who their biological father is, if she is born, it will be her child and her life will continue.
At this moment, she suddenly changed her previous decision, "Nurse, don’t apply for abortion." At this moment, she said this decision, and she suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. The mother of two babies will keep you, and she will give birth to them even if she eats chaff and pharynx.
Lan Jingyi began to eat and gradually got better. The first thing to do in some beds was to see her mother, who was still in the intensive care unit. These days were the most critical period after the operation. If the mother’s body was not integrated after kidney transplant, there would be a strong reaction. No one in the hospital dared to be careless. Doctors and nurses were watching the mother lying in the hospital bed through the glass. At this moment, she suddenly felt that she was alive and there was hope for living.
A few days later, my mother finally survived the most critical period and finally got out of the intensive care unit. Lan Jingyi pushed her wheelchair and took her mother to the hospital garden. It was nice to see that there were comfortable flowers, trees and greenery everywhere.
Lan Jingyi walked very slowly, thinking about the baby in her stomach. Her heart was tender. It seemed that when she knew these two children, her heart was filled with them more than that of Jiang Junyue in recent days.
桑拿网"Yi yi recently how didn’t see you call lacrosse? Did the young couple have a problem? If mom wants to talk about you, don’t be too sexual. What about this man? You always have to leave some noodles for him, otherwise you will never be seen again. "
"Mom, you said it was my dad, right? Mom, what’s my dad’s name?"
"Your dad, he’s a half-blood. Hehe, he’s handsome."
"Mom, what did my dad do before?" Seeing Lan Qing refused to say her father’s name, she couldn’t ask her mother how much she wanted to say.
Lan Qing’s face darkened. "Don’t talk about him. Besides, he won’t appear. His heart is really cruel."
"Mom, just tell me about it." This time it was Lan Qing who told her about her father. She really liked listening and loved listening to her father. Although she hated it, it was always her blood father.
"Forget it. Mom is tired. Let’s go back. Yiyi will listen to her mother and call LaCrosse later."
Here we go again. Mom seems to have lost the name LaCrosse today, but she sounds so awkward. That man, she will never see him again. She signed the agreement. He has done everything to her.
That man is not worthy of her love, not at all.
Lan Jingyi pushed the wheelchair back and there came a smell of toast not far away, which was her favorite smell before, but at the moment, as soon as the smell came over, she suddenly ran to a tree and squatted down to vomit. Was the little thing born later the last thing she liked was bread? Or do you like bread best?
I vomited with my hand on my lower abdomen. I was about to get up when suddenly a figure spilled obliquely on the trunk lawn. "Yiyi, what’s wrong with you?"
A warm and generous palm fell on her back and patted her gently, which was nothing like Lu Wentao. Has he ever treated her so gently before?
"Oh …" I vomited for a while, and she was so embarrassed and smelled of vomiting. Liu Wentao would definitely get up and leave, but without his hand, she patted her back and let her gradually relax. Finally, she stopped vomiting, which made her feel tired and weak all over. The hand automatically slipped from her back to Lan Jingyi without looking at him. "Thank you." Before he treated her badly, he helped her. Now she knows very well.
"Iraq, we must be so cold silent relative? I want to talk to you about whether you have eaten your stomach by vomiting like this. Let me take you to see a doctor. "He reached out and shook her hand. Lan Jingyi quickly moved forward and missed his hand." Liu Wentao, if I remember correctly, you and I have lost it. "