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But he won’t change his mind because Lin Moyang asks for help. He has his own principles.’

Besides, Tang poetry is such a despicable means to frame Lu You and hurt Lu You, who is his enemy. How can he be soft-hearted to the enemy?
He took a deep breath and the cold voice still refused Lin Moyang. "I won’t come to Moyang. When she was cruel to deal with Lu’s sorrow, my last pity for Tang poetry had disappeared. Now that she is dead and alive, don’t call me. Don’t play games with her when she has no time."
Lin Mochen finished the call and then drove carefully.
Lu you reached out and put his knee gently. "Don’t be angry. Besides, I don’t care what she does to me. Others’ injuries are not injuries to me at all."
"Can I not be angry?" Lin Mo-chen’s eyebrows screwed tightly. "I have the urge to strangle her very much. I can’t stand you being wronged or because of me."
"It’s not worthwhile to strangle her." Lu You was in the mood to joke. "If you really strangle the Tang poetry, your grandfather can’t give me a big piece to be buried with it. Then I’m really wronged. Don’t let me commit a fatal crime, okay?"
Their worries about her land are really not to be taunted.
This society is always about power and status.
Without money, you will be inferior, but won’t you have happiness?
She doesn’t believe it!
Section 17
"If you are a disaster, I will be that bad king." Lin Mo-chen put her on his knee and wrapped her hand in the palm of his hand.
"I don’t want to be remembered forever." Lu You withdrew his hand from his hand. "Drive well."
Lin Mochen smiled and held the steering wheel with both hands.
Lu Youbian looked at the scenery passing by her eyes and said faintly, "What happened to Lin Mochen’s Tang poetry?"
Lin Mochen hesitated for a moment. "When we are together, we don’t want others, especially Tang poetry."
"Anyway, I still want to know what happened to her? Life or death should have a bottom, shouldn’t it? " Lu sorrow feel don’t know the situation this in the mind is not steadfast.
"Mo Yang said she woke up." Lin Mo Chen simply said, "She has changed."
"Now that she’s awake, either go and see what the situation has become." Lu You is not worried about Tang poetry, but wants to know what she is going to do.
"What can she become? What can she do but go bad? " Lin Mochen didn’t remember this person’s name at all. "She doesn’t know what tricks she wants to play again. You have fooled her once. We can’t do it again. What do you care about her?"
"I don’t care, Mo Chen. She gains wisdom when she suffers a loss. I remember that I want to know ourselves and know ourselves to win every battle. I think your shopping mall will also get to know your competitors. Let’s go and see her and see what tricks she plays." Lu You explained her heart.
Lin Mochen glanced at her out of the corner of her eye. Her eyes were firm and she seemed to see something from her eyes. "Are you really going?"
"Well, it won’t hurt to see it." Lu You gave him a glad eye. "Aren’t you going to stay with me?"
"I must accompany you, and I can’t give her another chance to bite you." Lin Mochen clenched the steering wheel and then turned to the hospital at the intersection.
Lin Mo-chen and Lu You went to the hospital, went to the vip inpatient building and found the ward of Tang Poetry Institute.
They knocked at the door to open the door. Naturally, Lin Moyang’s Tang poetry was injured. He must have accompanied and taken care of it.
Everyone can see Lin Moyang’s infatuation, but it seems that there are Tang poems that can’t be seen.
Just like Tang poetry’s feelings for Lin Mo-chen, the latter chose to ignore and refuse instead of seeing it.
Lin Mo-yang was surprised when he saw Lu You and Lin Mo-chen at the door. He said he wouldn’t come to the hospital. I didn’t expect to come after all. Lin Mo-chen said that he had some conflicts in his personality, which made Lin Mo-yang feel incredible.
However, when he saw Lin Mo-chen’s side and looked at her hand holding Lin Mo-chen’s arms gracefully, he seemed to read some messages.
He once again felt the influence of Lu sorrow on Lin Mo-chen, and it seemed far beyond his imagination.
Those who can persuade Lin Mo-chen to change his mind are worried about Lu.
However, Lu’s sorrow has harmed the Tang poetry to the hospital, and he can’t forgive her.
"Lu, you have caused the Tang poetry is not enough? Do you still want to show her your love in front of her? Are you going too far? You are not welcome here. "Lin Moyang doesn’t want to meet Lu You and Tang Poetry." Eldest brother can go in, but please wait outside. "
桑拿会所"Ink Yang since you still call me a eldest brother and sorrow is my wife, so you should call her a sister-in-law! Don’t listen to her side of the Tang poetry injury! If you don’t respect Lu You’re respecting me! Although I didn’t expect you to respect me, I won’t allow you to talk to her like this in front of me! Ma apologized to Lu You! " Lin Mo Chen severely blamed Lin Mo Yang.
"Tang poetry will not be wronged, I will not apologize!" Lin Moyang gritted his teeth and refused to be nice.
"Lu sorrow also won’t hurt! Since you choose not to apologize, don’t call me big brother again! I can’t afford to call you that. "Lin Mo-chen put his hand on Lu You and took hold of his hand." My wife and I came together to go, and naturally we have to go together. Since we are not welcome, there is no need for us to go in. Let’s go. "
Anyway, he doesn’t want to see Tang poetry, but for Lu you’s persuasion, he wouldn’t come.
"Good" Lu sorrow also cooperated with Lin Mochen’s action and turned to leave together.
Lin Mo-chen and Lu You just turned and hesitated about Lin Mo-yang and stopped them. "She is still waiting for you to see him in Tang poetry."
He made a compromise. He knew that Lin Mochen was the most wanted to see after Tang poetry was injured. Maybe Tang poetry would react only after seeing him.
"I was asked to go in and see her, but I said Ma apologized to Lu You!" Lin Mochen insisted that the ink eyes were dark and cold.
He doesn’t believe that he can’t even cope with a cousin of Lin Moyang. It is impossible for him to bully Lu in front of him!
Lin Moyang’s cold eyes stared at Lu’s sorrow, and her lips were sipping a soft smile, and she was calm. He confronted Lin Mochen as if she were staying out of it, which was generally in front of a spectator quietly.
Lin Moyang didn’t speak and kept silent.
"I haven’t thought about it, have I?" When Lin Mochen didn’t give him any more thoughts, "Then I can’t apologize. Let’s go back to Mrs. Lin first and then don’t be so kind as to let me see some irrelevant people!"
Lin Mochen was really angry. He took several steps away with landing worries.
Lin Moyang has stopped his ideological struggle and bit his teeth. He is very unwilling to say, "Miss Lu just had some impulses and didn’t speak well. Sorry, forgive me for being irrational."
After reading Tang poetry, he must bow his head and self-esteem is no longer important to him.