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But ten minutes passed quickly.

Or that one minute is not fast at all. That root is suffering. Jiang Junyue has no building.
Is there something wrong with the ladder?
The president’s ladder has never been moved, and it has been parked on the first floor, which means that the man has never been in the ladder.
Lan Jingyi didn’t react correctly. When he rushed back to the office and rushed to the French window, where was the man’s car? The car was gone and no one else came.
Lan Jingyi is confused.
Jiang Junyue rushed back to the company after processing those photos and videos, thinking about the blue view all the way, and waiting for him in Yi Zheng’s office became more and more cheerful.
On the first floor, Jiang LaCrosse was about to step in front of the president’s staircase when it rang. It was a short message indicating that Jiang LaCrosse’s consciousness was awake, but before he opened the short message, his heart suddenly accelerated.
No one has been silent for five years, and he has contacted the number, which is so familiar and strange at this moment.
He took a deep breath before he opened the message.
"The older you are, the softer you are."
The more gentle he is, the more gentle Yin Qingrou used to be. He called her Rourou, and the more she told him, the more he remembered that it was a warm and sweet past.
But at this moment, when looking at this short message, Jiang Junyue felt that it was really Yin Qingrou who sent him a short message.
He thought he was dreaming, or someone was playing a joke on him, so he stared at the number and the nickname Rourou for five years, which has never changed in his life.
The heart is beating faster and faster.
For a moment, he wanted to call her, but when his finger really dialed the number, his hand trembled again.
Chapter 191 Habits are hard to change
Would he be disappointed if it weren’t for Harumi?
I went to see her, and when I went there, I knew everything, and I could see at a glance whether she was real or not.
Quickly put away Jiang Junyue, who didn’t stop, turned around and ran out of the Chiang’s building. He jumped to the car and went straight to the restaurant deep in the bamboo forest in the southern suburbs.
In the past, every time they dated, they liked the quiet bamboo forest and the strong coffee smell there. Two people sat and drank a cup of coffee and listened to the whispering of the bamboo forest for a day or a night.
He also took Lan Jingyi there.
Was the girl who played the sogeum that day really sunny and soft?
Then why didn’t she come back to see herself for so long? Why did she have to wait until today?
品茶论坛A series of questions urged Jiang Junyue to drive fast.
It was supposed to be half an hour’s journey, and it took him more than ten minutes to drive outside the bamboo forest.
It was a surprise. I was surprised to get a text message.
He is looking forward to seeing Yin Qingrou again. Has he really come back after waiting for five years to find her?
At this moment, his heart was left with the delicate face of the sweet girl who loved lavender.
When he got out of the car, he walked step by step to the western restaurant, staring at the place where he used to like sunny and soft. Not long ago, he also sat with Lan Jingyi.
Suddenly I felt a little sorry for Yin Qing’s softness. She had never seen anyone die or a corpse. He actually brought Lan Jingyi here. At this time, he felt sorry for Yin Qing’s softness.
After crossing the bamboo forest, the field of vision was finally broadened, and he could finally see the window position through the glass window.
A slender figure was sitting there quietly, and he saw the silhouette of the figure, and the outline of the side face was so like sunny and soft.
In an instant, Jiang Junyue began to run to the bamboo forest and wanted to fly over to verify with his own eyes-was that Yin Qingrou?
I forgot everything. At this moment, there was only the girl sitting quietly in the world. She was like a painting, an ink painting of a quiet mountain, but it was enough to stir up waves in his heart.
Hand pushed open the glass door "sunny and soft …" Jiang Junyue couldn’t help but let out a low cry, soft and low, but full of expectation and longing.
The quiet and sitting woman slowly looked up and showed her beautiful face. The lip corner smile in Jiang Junyue’s eyes was as elegant and sweet as before, and her big eyes, which seemed to talk, were looking at him quietly.
"Soft ….." Jiang Junyue steps faster and faster wish a blunt past but really stopped before Yin Qing soft but he didn’t know what to say.
He still doesn’t believe that the woman in front of him is really her for too long, and five years is enough to change a person’s life.
His hand gently raised his fingertips and fell white and his cheeks were glowing with micropowder. It was still like that. Blowing a bomb could break the skin. When the fingertips passed over the texture lines, the two bodies trembled gently together. He was also Yin Qingrou.
Section 11
"The more …"
This is Yin Qing’s softness. Yes, it is only because of her that she calls him a nickname that belongs to her. No one else has ever called him that.
However, as soon as it became softer and softer, Jiang Junyue’s mind suddenly gushed out another two-word nickname, which was also called his nickname. It was Lan Jingyi’s nickname that was so gentle every time he called him. At this moment, he finally remembered that Lan Jingyi was waiting for him in the company office.
It was also at this time that he remembered that he should give her a word.
However, it is not appropriate for him to call in the past after all. After thinking about it, Jiang Junyue sat safely opposite Yin Qingyou, just as two people sat opposite each other many years ago. It seems that those five years have never been experienced, and they have returned to that time.
The bamboo forest outside the window is still green, he is still so handsome, and she is still so sweet. Now Jiang Junyue is full of unspeakable mature men, and the male taste is even more fascinating to women.
"When will you come back?" Jiang Junyue made two prologues with such a sentence. He always suspected that the woman who saw Sogeum leaving that day was Yin Qing. If it was really her, she would have come back early.
"More than two months" Yin Qing said softly that Shui Yang looked at Jiang Junyue with dribbling eyes. "The more you go, the same thing hasn’t changed at all."
Jiang Junyue bowed his head and fiddled with him. He wanted to send a text message to Lan Jingyi to tell her not to wait for him. He wanted to tell her that he was temporary and had something to go back. He didn’t want to tell Lan Jingyi about it somehow, and he didn’t want Lan Jingyi to know it at all.
Seeing Jiang Junyue concentrate on texting without responding to his own words, Yin Qing smiled suddenly. "Hehe, is it texting your child’s mother?"
Just about to press the send button, the hand was slightly delayed. "Do you know all about it?" So he doesn’t want to hide it from Yin Qingrou. It’s best to forgive him at this moment. His heart is still confused